MAY 31, 2017 6:00 PM PDT

WEBINAR: Case Studies: Scaling Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Sponsored by: TERUMO BCT
  • Sr. Manager, Global Strategic Medical Affairs, Cell Therapy Technologies - Terumo BCT
      Jim recently transitioned to the Global Strategic Medical Affairs team to better leverage both his technical background and the commercial exposure he has gained during his more than seven years at Terumo BCT. Prior to joining the cell processing team at Terumo BCT, Dr. Beltzer was the lead scientist for the research and development of Synthemax™, a synthetic growth surface for the culture of human embryonic stem cells, at Corning Life Sciences. He was a co-founder of RETT Corporation and was a key player in the industrialization of several technology platforms, including phage display and yeast two-hybrid. He has more than 25 years of industrial research and development experience in a broad range of disciplines.


    DATE: May 31, 2017
    TIME: 6:00PM PDT, 9:00AM SGT, 12:00PM AEDT

    Gain insights into T-cell expansion, viral vector production and scaling production of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) through the use of a functionally closed, automated, cell culture process.

    Dr. Beltzer (Terumo BCT, CO, U.S.) will present a number of case studies to describe how process development and economic goals were achieved in both industry and academic settings. Results include up to a 500-fold expansion of T-cells in 12 days, 40 percent reduction in cost of goods (COGs) of growing cells for an allogeneic therapy, and automated viral vector production with titers similar to flask-based processes. Particular attention will be directed toward the process changes often needed to meet these goals.

    Who may this interest?
    • Clinicians, researchers, lab technologists and cell therapy industry professionals
    • Cell therapy manufacturing professionals
    • Gene and immunotherapy manufacturing professionals

    Learning Objectives:

    • New results of T-cell expansion using a hollow-fiber bioreactor system
    • Techniques for scaling production of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)
    • New approach to viral vector production

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