Characterization and selection of antibodies for precision diagnostics using Biacore surface plasmon resonance technology



Immunoassay developers are constantly striving to create tests that address unmet diagnostic needs. A critical prerequisite for good assay performance is the design, production, and characterization of reagents that are highly sensitive and selective. This includes selecting the analyte of interest to measure, the sample matrices in which measurements will be made, as well as determining the critical success factors for the assay, for example, sensitivity, throughput, and dynamic range.

Biacore™ surface plasmon resonance (SPR) has become an important optical biosensing technology due to its real-time, label-free, and automated analysis. Additionally, the robustness and precision of modern SPR instruments has seen the technology widely applied for the rapid and ultra-sensitive detection of biological analytes, with applications in medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and agriculture.

This presentation will provide an overview of Biacore SPR as a diagnostic tool, highlighting how it can aid and simplify immunoassay reagent selection and accelerate the development of fit for purpose diagnostic assays.

Learning objectives

  • How surface plasmon resonance technology aid the selection and optimization of reagents for diagnostic tests
  • How SPR has been applied as diagnostic tool in clinic

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