SEP 24, 2020 8:00 AM PDT

What are the important considerations for centrifugation in the bioprocess workflow?

  • Bioprocess Applications Specialist - Floor Model Centrifuges

      Benoit Limon is a Bioprocess Applications Specialist for Floor Model Centrifuges with Thermo Fisher Scientific, where he provides Centrifuge for BioProduction expertise to colleagues and customers. His knowledge is based on ten years of experience in industrial downstream bioprocessing focusing on vaccine and gene therapy purification, collaborating in multiple occasions with end users in the workflow design, set up and commissioning. Benoit Limon holds an M.S. in automation from the University of Sophia-Antipolis, France.


    DATE: September 24th, 2020

    TIME:  8:00am PT


    Centrifuge separates particles by density but do you know what type centrifuges are used at the different steps of a bioprocess workflow and what are important considerations? How contamination can jeopardize integrity of the product and operator safe working condition at each harvest, clarification, purification and concentration working step? Why scalability should be considered right at the R&D scale? What are batch traceability methods? And how to obtain most uptime of your equipment.

    This presentation will:
    • Review the bioprocess applications where the centrifuges play an important part.
    • Explore the importance of the contamination control, the scalability, the traceability and the reliability.
    • Discover the ways the centrifuge addresses these considerations in the bioprocess workflow by examining the data.


    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn where the centrifuges play an important part in the bioprocess applications 
    • How to tips you can implement on a routine basis 
    • Explore methods for improving your process


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