SEP 25, 2020 3:00 PM CT

Creative Disobedience and the Art of Shedding Imaginary Rules



Are you someone who finds themself always feeling the need to follow the rules? Even more than that, are you someone who has ever found themself creating imaginary rules that may potentially be holding you back? If you're reading this abstract and wondering, what does creative disobedience have to do with science and what the heck are imaginary rules, then this talk is for you. Often times, we are so hyper focused on our studies, research, and the "path" that we experience tunnel vision on our professional journey. The goal of this talk is to share my experience with stepping far outside my comfort zone, taking a risk, and watching it pay off. By sharing my story, my goal is to teach others about why creative disobedience and letting go of imaginary rules are two incredibly important tools you can leverage as you embark on the age old question of "what is my next step?"

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