Eliminate temperature sensitivity with lyophilization technology


Freeze drying, lyophilization, and cryodesiccation are all terms used to describe the process of removing water from a sample at low temperature. This low-temperature dehydration process maximizes product or sample stability and shelf life, maintains chemical or biological function, and enables easier global transportation and storage compared to a cold chain. If you are developing or thinking of developing temperature-sensitive assays, antibodies, proteins or enzymes, this is the webinar for you.
Join Amy Webster to discuss the technology and benefits of Cytiva’s Lyo-Stable™ service and how it has been used to enable high throughput manufacturing of temperature stable tests, particularly to address the ongoing demand from the Coronavirus pandemic for COVID-19 detection.
In this webinar we will
  • Discuss the cost, workflow and environmental benefits of lyophilization
  • Review Cytiva’s Lyo-Stable technology and expertise
  • Hear about the development of temperature stable tests and PCR based assays using Lyo-Stable technology