MAR 22, 2023 6:00 AM PDT

Panel Presentation: Enzymes for Advancing Point of Care Diagnostics



Point‑of‑care testing is the future of diagnostic solutions. Point‑of‑care testing is robust, easy to use, and provides immediate results and thus, allows treatment decisions to be made more quickly. As an additional benefit, point‑of‑care diagnostic testing brings value to patients and healthcare systems.

We are here to help progress point‑of‑care diagnostics with our glycerol‑free enzymes. Lyo‑ready enzymes are as efficient and as high performing as traditional enzyme formats, and this new formulation is suitable for use in microfluidics instruments.

Learning Objectives:

1. Explain the evolving landscape of point-of-care diagnostics and the significance of choosing the right enzyme for your assay.

2. Discuss the benefits of lyo‑ready enzymes and how to select the right enzyme for your microfluidic device.

3. Discover the best enzymes and products for PCR- and isothermal‑based assays.

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