MAY 24, 2017 6:00 AM PDT

Exploring Pharmacological Interactions with Matrix: The Innovations and Challenges of NCATS Drug Combination HTS Platform

Presented at: Lab Automation 2017
  • Research Scientist, NCATS/NIH
      Kelli Wilson is a Research Scientist in the Information Technology Research Branch at the National Center for Advancing Translational Science (NCATS) at the NIH. In this role, Kelli performs high throughput screening using a variety of automated platforms, with a focus on acoustic dispensing for drug combination screening using the EDC Biosystems ATS-100 and the Labcyte Echo. Kelli received her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Her PhD thesis was entitled "The application of a characterized pre-clinical Glioblastoma oncosphere model to in vitro and in vivo therapeutic testing". Kelli has expertise in cancer biology, high throughput screening, drug repurposing, and acoustic dispensing technologies.


    Acoustic dispensing technology has allowed for compound plating to be highly customizable depending upon scientific needs.  The ability to dispense compounds from a single well to any well of a destination plate has made plating drug combinations a possibility. At NCATS, we have applied acoustic dispensing technology to create drug combination matrices, grids which contain combinations of 2 compounds at variable ratios to allow for exploration of drug synergy.  This technology required significant in house software development and integration with our existing robotic infrastructure. We now have applied this technology to drug repurposing projects for treating cancer, malaria, ebola virus and zika virus, which has been included in publications and provided the basis for ongoing clinical trials.

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