MAY 09, 2023 1:00 PM BST

Gibco Cell Culture Heroes - Scott Philip Davies, PhD - Investigating the biology of cell-in-cell structures in the human liver using a range of microscopy modalities


Event Date & Time
Date:  May 09, 2023
Time: 1:00pm BST, 8:00am EDT, 7:00am CDT
Join the Gibco Cell Culture Heroes webinar featuring Scott Philip Davies, PhD, MRes, MSci as he presents "Investigating the biology of cell-in-cell structures in the human liver using a range of microscopy modalities." Scott will share how advances in high content imaging and automated analysis have improved the understanding of lymphocyte cell-in-cell structures formation in the liver.
Advances in high content imaging (HCI) have improved the use of cell culture to make a large number of comparisons within individual experiments. These platforms reduce the number of cells needed to make these comparisons and also allow assessments to be made over time. This is poignant when investigating poorly understood roles and mechanisms of dynamic cellular interactions. These include processes which generate cell-in-cell structures (CICS), which describes the presence of one cell inside another. Many new forms of CICS have been described within the human liver in recent years, which mostly involve the entry of a lymphocyte into epithelial and parenchymal cells.  In this talk, I will outline my experience of using HCI and automated analysis to understand lymphocyte CICS formation in the liver. I will also focus on how we can combine observations made in vivo using fluorescence-based immunohistochemistry to interpret and plan efficient HCI assays for understanding the formation and consequences of CICS. I will also show how results made from 2D cell culture systems can be validated ex vivo using multiphoton microscopy.
Learning Objectives
  • Outline the benefits of combining high content imaging with automated analysis
  • Discuss the biology of cell-in-cell structures in the human liver and their roles in disease
  • Demonstrate the power of confirming observations in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo using different and appropriate forms of microscopy
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