JUN 25, 2019 5:00 PM CEST

Handling of Viscous Liquids - Basics, Techniques and Tricks

Sponsored by: Eppendorf
C.E. Credits: P.A.C.E. CE Florida CE
  • Application Specialist Manual Liquid Handling, Eppendorf AG
      Katja is working as an Application Specialist at Eppendorf AG focusing on manual Liquid Handling & Consumables since 2018. She has a profound background in cell, micro- and molecular biological techniques.

      After finishing her studies in Biology at the University of Greifswald she performed an internship in Melanoma research at Centenary Institute in Sydney, Australia. In 2017 she received her PhD from the University Medical Center Hamburg (UKE) in a close collaboration with the French company Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique for her research on the influence of staphylococci on epidermal Tight Junctions.

    DATE:  June 25, 2019
    TIME:   8:00am PDT, 11:00am EDT, 5:00pm CEST
    Viscous liquids are a challenge in every lab that deals with them. Depending on how viscous a liquid is, pipetting is either impossible or it poses several problems that significantly reduce accuracy, precision and processing speed.
    In this Webinar, you learn about the basics of viscosity, how to measure it, about different types of liquids and what influence viscosity has on your pipetting results. You also learn how to prevent problems with viscous liquids by using different pipetting techniques and appropriate instruments. Get some helpful tips and tricks from one of our most experienced Liquid Handling Application Specialists and find out how you could even pipette honey. 
    Learning Objectives:
    • Learn how viscosity influences your pipetting results.
    • Figure out the right tool to transfer viscous liquids accurately and precisely.
    LabRoots is approved as a provider of continuing education programs in the clinical laboratory sciences by the ASCLS P.A.C.E. ® Program. By attending this webinar, you can earn 1 Continuing Education credit once you have viewed the webinar in its entirety.

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