APR 05, 2017 10:00 AM PDT

WEBINAR: Turning Up the Heat on Thyroid Hormone Analysis with LC-ICP-MS

C.E. CREDITS: P.A.C.E. CE | Florida CE
  • Vice President of Quality Assurance, NMS Labs
      Dr. Strathmann is currently the Vice President of Quality Assurance at NMS Labs in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Prior to his current position at NMS Labs, he was a Medical Director of Toxicology and Director of High Complexity Platforms - Mass Spectrometry at ARUP Laboratories and a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Pathology at the University of Utah School of Medicine. He received his MS and PhD in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine from the University of Rochester in New York, conducted an academic postdoctoral fellowship in the Biomedical Genetics Department at the University of Rochester, and completed a ComACC accredited Clinical Chemistry fellowship at the University of Washington in Seattle. Dr. Strathmann is board certified in Clinical Chemistry and Toxicological Chemistry by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry.


    DATE: April 5, 2017
    TIME: 10:00am PT, 1:00pm ET

    This presentation will focus on the use of Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry as an alternative technology for measuring thyroid hormones. Existing methods using LC-MS/MS suffer from matrix interference and require expensive and laborious sample preparation methods in order to reduce the impact on instrumentation. ICP-MS is a robust and specific method that is often underappreciated outside of the area of elemental analysis. This presentation will discuss the pros and cons of using LC-ICP-MS for the analysis of thyroid hormones.

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

    Learning Objectives:

    •  Discuss the basics of LC-ICP-MS including similarities and differences to other mass spectrometers.
    •  Compare and contrast workflows for thyroid hormones by LC-ICP-MS and LC-MS/MS.
    •  Determine the applicability of LC-ICP-MS for the routine analysis of thyroid hormones.

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