MAR 28, 2019 1:30 PM PDT

Impact of Cannabis Prohibition on Patients, Veterans and Small Business Owners

C.E. Credits: P.A.C.E. CE Florida CE
  • CEO, Willow Creek Springs Inc.
      Joe Grumbine has been cultivating cannabis as well as extracting and compounding therapeutic topicals and elixirs for 30+ years. In 2007 he founded Unit d patients collective in Garden Grove and consulted and provided cannabis and cannabis infused products to more than 4000 clients. In addition he managed and consulted numerous outdoor, greenhouse and indoor cultivation projects

      In 1999 Joe opened Willow Creek Springs botanical garden and nursery where he ran a permaculture farm that produces a variety of healing herbs Willow Creek Springs has been a venue for many workshops, classes and horticultural therapy projects. Joe and his wife Liz have been creating therapeutic lotions, creams, and other topicals and have created a line of Cbd and The infused products that have been distributed nationwide and are currently in the beginning stages of two IRB studies.

      In 2009 Joe founded The Human Solution International 501c3 to educate and support victims of the drug war. Joe used the support during a six year battle with the State of California and ultimately prevailed. The Human Solution has organized grass roots support for cannabis defendants worldwide and have been instrumental in several high profile cases ending in acquittal or dismissal. The Human Solution also has a prison outreach program where they support cannabis prisoners especially those serving life and "De facto" life sentences. The Human Solution International is an all volunteer organization that advocates decriminalization of cannabis rather than restrictive "legalization." They are committed to working to ending cannabis prohibition entirely.

      As CEO of Willow Creek Springs and The Human Solution International, Joe Grumbine has been working with physicians and advocates to further the understanding of cannabis therapy and to support victims of the drug war.


    Cannabis prohibition has been prevalent since the 1930’s and has had a dramatic negative impact on patients, veterans and small business owners. As a small business owner serving patients and veterans for 30 years, I have explored deeply and on a personal level and will show not only the impact to these groups but the impact to society as a whole and some serious problems with the current strategy of “legalization”.

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Cannabis prohibition has impacted society and especially the three groups mentioned on par with some of the most egregious civil rights violations brought about by our government.
    2. The current models of change have some serious flaws that need to be reexamined and addressed before they are too far set in motion and policy becomes entrenched with the same pitfalls that brought about prohibition in the first place.

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