MethPhase: Automated Methylation-based Haplotype Phasing of Human Genomes with Oxford Nanopore Sequencing



Long-read sequencing was declared the method of the year for 2022 and, indeed, has fully arrived on the computational biology scene. Specifically, Oxford Nanopore Sequencing technology has enabled computational approaches to assemble accurate and complete human genome haplotypes while providing unprecedented methylation profiling. However, homozygous regions and variability in read lengths limit traditional SNP-based haplotype phasing methods. To address this, we have developed MethPhase, a computational method for automated methylation-based haplotype phasing of the human genome. MethPhase is the first in the long-read era to utilize SNP and methylation signals for human genome phasing. We show MethPhase improves upon widely used SNP-based human genome phasing approaches by bridging the SNP-phased blocks to resolve the ambiguity in homozygous regions. MethPhase is also able to rescue previously un-haplotagged reads from SNP-based methods. We will conclude with future directions and the next steps.