MAR 27, 2019 10:30 AM PDT

Panel Discussion: The Benefits and Challenges of Cannabis in Pediatric Conditions in Legal States

C.E. Credits: P.A.C.E. CE Florida CE
  • Palliative Patient Care Corp
      Dr. Kent Crowley has over 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical medicine. He obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of California, San Francisco; completed an ASHP Accredited Residency with Kaiser Permanente. He is an Advanced Fellow and Diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

      At Silver State Trading, a 40,000 sq.ft. Clean Green cultivation and production facility in Sparks, NV, Dr. Crowley serves as the Director of Research and Development, overseeing the production of Trokie® products and future patents. Dr. Crowley is the founder and creator of Trokie®, a patented buccal delivery system for cannabis (U.S. Patent No.: 9,675,656 B2) and runs the California operations for Trokie California Inc.

      Dr. Crowley serves as the Chief Medical Officer of the Palliative Care Corp, a clinic in Huntington Beach, CA that has treated over 3000 patients incorporating cannabis in disease state treatment and symptoms management, whether as a primary treatment or complementary to traditional and/or other modalities. He has recently published on this effort in Frontiers in Neuroscience, Aug 2018.

      Dr. Crowley is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and on the Research Subcommittee, a member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society and a member of the Integrative Think Tank for University of California Irvine, Center for the Study of Cannabis.
    • CEO and C0-Founder, ANSHI
        As a CEO, I bring executive skills and a proven track record of building brands through driving pipeline and revenue in rapidly expanding software companies. As a mom, I went into a kitchen, not a lab, to discover better and quicker tools to promote healing. ANSHI was born from necessity, at the hospital bedside of my six year old daughter Raegan. Those roots are what defines the company and our vision.
        I've been a 'CannaMom' since my daughter was 2. We treat Raegans genetic condition Rett Syndrome with the full plant and that along with diet and other natural approaches has fended off major chronic decline even through extreme illness and severe (and separately caused) epilepsy.
      • Nevada Sales Manager, Silver State Trading Inc.
          Herah is the mother to 15 year old twins that have Fragile X syndrome, the leading genetic cause of Autism. Herah has spent the last six years researching the treatment of cannabis with children that have rare diseases such as Fragile X syndrome. To better understand how the use of cannabis can treat and improve the quality of life for her children and others with seizure disorders and ASD. She discovered the need to create a consistent and reliable cannabis product line that parents felt was safe for children and adults with compromised immune systems. She has been able to share her knowledge with every dispensary in the state of Nevada as she has worked with Silver State Trading based out of Sparks, NV for the past two years and is currently the Nevada Sales Manager. Herah is an advocate and speaker regarding the use of cannabis in Autism and other developmental disabilities and rare diseases.
        • Biography
            Dawn is a board member on Rylie's Smile Foundation and she is a former police officer. Dawn has a 16 year old daughter Kennedy who has Autism, Epilepsy and is disabled and lives in daily pain.


          In this panel discussion, parents of medically compromised children using cannabis discuss their experiences of what led them to start cannabis therapy, what delivery methods they currently use and what improvements have been observed. Bioavailability and research will also be briefly discussed.

          Learning Objectives: 

          1. The goal of using medical cannabis is most often to improve quality of life, not to cure
          2. Besides finding the proper cannabis profile and dosing, finding the best delivery method for each patient is one of the most important objectives

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