DEC 11, 2017 09:00 AM PST

WEBINAR: Responsible Science: Can you trust your antibody?

SPONSORED BY: Cell Signaling Technology
C.E. CREDITS: P.A.C.E. CE | Florida CE
  • Scientific Project Manager, Cell Signaling Technology
      Dr. Couvillon has worked at Cell Signaling Technology, Inc. for almost ten years. He joined the company as a product development scientist where he oversaw the validation and release of over 100 different antibody products. Dr. Couvillon also lead a team responsible for the generation of antibodies and kits used for enrichment and analysis of post-translational modifications. He currently works as a special project manager in the marketing group where he is committed to guiding CST's adherence to antibody validation standards and practices. He has been active in attending and presenting at major meetings regarding the topic of antibody reproducibility and works with subject matter experts, antibody users and CST's scientists to ensure that CST continues to lead the field in antibody quality and consistency.
    • Director, Cytometry, Cell Signaling Technology
        Dr. Wetzel has been at Cell Signaling Technology for 15 years and currently leads the antibody testing and validation team, the antibody conjugation team, and an assay development team specializing in ELISA, bead assay, and multiplex IHC kits. His areas of expertise include: wide-field, confocal, and spectral fluorescent microscopy, automated high content imaging, flow cytometry, novel dye and conjugation chemistry, and sandwich assay (bead, ELISA, alpha) development.


      DATE: December 11, 2017
      TIME: 09:00am PST, 12:00pm EST

      Reproducibility is an important and ongoing topic of discussion within the scientific community. Although the reasons underlying the problem are numerous and debatable, this webinar will focus specifically on the impact poorly characterized antibodies have on reproducibility. We will provide guidance for ensuring an antibody is truly binding to the target of interest and show data to demonstrate how alterations to the protocol may affect antibody performance. Our goal is to empower the viewer with technological, process-oriented solutions they can use to employ antibodies confidently in their own work and that will allow them to contribute towards improving the overall reproducibility of the published literature.


      Learning Objectives:

      • You will learn how alterations to a protocol may affect antibody performance
      • Guidelines will be offered to ensure an antibody is truly binding to a target of interest

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