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Robots in Research

Presented at: Lab Automation 2017
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  • Founder and CEO, One World Lab
      I am Mike Simson, the Founder and CEO of One World Lab, specializing in antibody and reagent distribution to optimize market channels for life sciences research. Our goal is to simplify the antibody validation process by providing access to smaller aliquot sizes for testing and bringing multiple vendors together in a single place.

      After earning my degree in Biochemistry from Pepperdine, I worked for BioSource International, where I developed innovative, top of the line assay test kits and clinical diagnostic kits to understand disease and develop new drug therapies and medical diagnostics worldwide. Due to my extensive knowledge of BioSource's products and my strong communication skills, I was a perfect candidate to join the sales side of the organization. Within a year on the sales team, I grew the company's revenues from 30M to 80M, leading to its acquisition by Life Technologies in 2005.

      Following the acquisition, I joined the Life Technologies team as a Technical Sales Specialist in their Cellular Analysis business unit. Working for such a big player in the industry, I had the opportunity to not only gain an intimate insight into the full scientific workflow, but I also expanded my business knowledge and saw firsthand how successful organizations purchase and evaluate vendors.

      With my experience in science, business, and sales I decided to venture on my own and founded One World Lab in 2010. One World Lab addresses the bottleneck in antibody validation by bringing vendors together in a single place and offering low-cost, validation size aliquots for comparison. Since inception, we have grown from 3 manufacturers and 300 antibodies to providing over 60,000 antibodies from 30 different manufacturers. At One World Lab we orchestrate science into one world by making it simple and cost effective for researchers to receive the antibodies they need.


    Often we are concerned at the thought of a lab run by robots, not humans-- but what if instead of having the world's brightest minds concerned with pipetting, blotting and scanning, there was a lab-bot to take care of basic lab routines, analyze data and order product? The bright minds now can spend time on critical thinking, expanding projects and networks.

    Whether you fear it or embrace it, a robotic revolution is happening. Be a part of it and meet the inventor of a automation device so innovative, it may just be from the future.

    LabBot3D becomes your best friend

    Real-time data collection and cloud reporting Multi-functions including: Array printing; liquid handling; scanning; 3D printing
    Innovation platform can be programmed to your needs and beyond.

    See the presentation, get an in-person demo, share thoughts, and network with the innovation community.

    Robots & Research Series: Meet LabBot3D, your new best friend

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