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EDC is a State–based model that identifies and rapidly deploys proven, yet underutilized innovations to shorten the project delivery process, enhance roadway safety, reduce traffic congestion, and integrate automation. The summit is an integral component of the EDC model, bringing together transportation leaders and front-line professionals responsible for the development and delivery of highway projects. The EDC-6 summit was conducted virtually and included over 3000 attendees from State DOTs, local agencies, federal land management agencies, tribes and industry--to encourage creative thinking, and celebrate a shared vision for new opportunities.

EDC is Innovation for a Nation on the Move.  In this cycle, the seven initiatives feature strategies to increase engagement with people, new applications of products to preserve and repair our infrastructure, and improve processes to save time on project delivery and incident management.  The presentations, factsheets, videos, EDC virtual booths, and pdfs of innovations developed by the National State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) Network are available on-demand to all registered participants through December 2021.   View on-demand agenda details here. 


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  • DEC 08, 2020
    Crowdsourcing to Advance Operations
    James Colyar, Ralph Volpe, Greg Jones, Colby Fortier-Brown, Lisa Miller
    James Colyar
    Transportation Specialist, Federal Highway Administration
    Ralph Volpe
    Transportation Systems Operations Specialist, Federal Highway Administration
    Greg Jones
    Freeway Management Specialist, Federal Highway Administration
    Colby Fortier-Brown
    Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Engineer, Maine Department of Transportation
    Lisa Miller
    Traveler Information Manager, Utah Department of Transportation
  • DEC 08, 2020
    Strategic Workforce Development
    Karen Bobo, Victoria Peters, Corey Foster, MSM
    Karen Bobo
    Director, Center for Transportation Workforce Development, Federal Highway Administration
    Victoria Peters
    Director, Center for Local Aid Support, Federal Highway Administration
    Corey Foster, MSM
    Workforce Development Specialist, Arizona Chapter, Associated General Contractors of America
  • DEC 08, 2020
    Virtual Public Involvement
    Lana Lau, Jill Stark, Shannon Nicole Marshall, M.S, APR
    Lana Lau
    Environmental Protection Specialist, Federal Highway Administration
    Jill Stark
    Transportation Planner, Federal Highway Administration
    Shannon Nicole Marshall, M.S, APR
    Director of Communications Virginia, Department of Transportation
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This virtual event is dedicated to providing a pleasant experience for all attendees. FHWA welcomes your comments, ideas, and concerns and we expect conversations to follow the conventions of civil discourse. 

DOT Order 1351.33, Appendix B, Citizen Conduct Policy.

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