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  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, Scientist III, Life Sciences Solutions Group
      Jian Liu works as a Scientist III at Cell Biology of the Life Sciences Solutions Group (now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) in Frederick, Maryland, USA. He received his Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Biochemistry from East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai, China. Mr. Liu worked in University of Southern California for six years to develop AIDS vaccine. In 2000, he joined Invitrogen in Carlsbad, California. During his tenure at Invitrogen, he worked in different departments and played different roles from developing amplifiable gene jumper kit to purifying various enzymes including MMLV, SuperScriptII and III, Taq DNA Polymerase, RNaseOUT, E. coli DNA Polymerases and DNaseI in large scale. In 2006, he moved to Bioproduction division located in Frederick, Maryland, and started working on stable cell line development. He generated both DG44 and CHO-S stable cell lines expressing over 1 g/L monoclonal antibody in fed-batch mode. In 2014, he joined cell culture essential group and focused on scalability of novel transient transfection system -- ExpiCHO Expression System

      刘健先生现为Thermo Fisher Scientific公司细胞生物学部门的资深研究员,在美国马里兰州弗雷德里克工作,拥有华东理工大学的生物化学学士以及硕士学位。刘健先生曾在美国南加州大学从事艾滋病疫苗研发工作长达六年。 2000年,加入Invitrogen公司。在他的任职于Invitrogen公司期间,他曾在多个部门从事多种酶的纯化研究,包括MMLV, SuperScript II and III, Taq DNA聚合酶, RNaseOUT, E. coli DNA聚合酶和DNaseI。 2006年,他加入了公司位于马里兰州弗雷德里克的生物生产部门,并开始从事稳定细胞系的开发,期间他参与开发的DG44和CHO-S的稳定细胞株在流加培养中的单克隆抗体表达超过1克/升。 2014年,他加入了细胞培养部门,专注于新型瞬时蛋白表达系统- ExpiCHO表达系统的规模化开发。



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