SEP 07, 2017 6:00 AM PDT

Improve your protein research knowledge by joining our 7 Steps of Protein virtual event!


The 7 Steps of Protein virtual event offers both broad and in-depth content, designed to give you the information and insights you need to empower your protein research every step of the way. You will receive firsthand knowledge of the latest technologies as well as tips and tricks in key protein research application areas.

Join us live on September 7, 2017 to:

  • Attend valuable webinars and poster presentations— by scientists, for scientists!—to gain insights from industry experts on how to optimize your protein biology results
  • Chat live with speakers and get your questions answered in real time
  • Access a wide selection resources, such as technical handbooks, white papers, how-to-use product videos, and product selection guides
  • Receive free Continuing Education (CE) credits for the presentations you attend


The 7 Steps of Protein virtual event presentations:

Step 1—Protein Expression

  • In vitro research method for screening inhibitors of protein translation (poster presentation) Approved for CE credits

Speaker: Krishna Vattem, Ph.D. See Biography/Abtract

Step 2—Protein Isolation and Purification

  • High capacity magnetic supports for automated antibody and epitope-tagged protein purifications (poster presentation) Approved for CE credits

Speaker:  Barbara Kaboord, Ph.D. See Biography/Abstract

  • Antibody purification: Development of two new highly efficient purification resins (poster presentation)

Speaker:  Aaron McBride See Biography/Abstract

  • Efficient and convenient enrichment of multispanning membrane proteins for proteomic studies (poster presentation)

Speaker: Joanna Geddes See Biography/Abstract

Step 3—Protein Gel Electrophoresis

Speaker:  Alok Tomar, Ph.D. See Biography/Abstract

Step 4—Western Blotting

Speaker:  Paul Haney, Ph.D. See Biography/Abtract

  • Chemiluminescent western blot detection: Bright and bold detection no matter how scarce your target (webinar)

Speaker:  Emily Halbrader See Biography/Abstract

Step 5—Protein Assays and Analysis

  • Protein concentration assays – novel, simplified and rapid techniques for quantifying proteins in solution (webinar) Approved for CE credits

Speaker:  Ramesh Ganapathy, Ph.D. Biography/Abstract

Step 6—Mass Spectrometry

  • Harnessing the power of TMT11plex sample multiplexing and improved phosphopeptide enrichment to gain new insights into signaling pathways (webinar) Approved for CE credits

 Speaker: Ryan Bomgarden, Ph.D. Biography/Abstract


Step 7—Crosslinking and Modification

  • Strategies for successful crosslinking and bioconjugation applications (webinar)

Speaker: Greg Hermanson, Chief Technology Officer and principal at Aurora Microarray Solutions, Inc. & President of Greg T. Hermanson, Inc. See Biography/Abstract



Note: All speakers are affiliated with Thermo Fisher Scientific unless otherwise indicated.


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No matter where you are in your protein research, we offer the products and tools you'll need to take your research further.



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SEP 07, 2017 6:00 AM PDT

Improve your protein research knowledge by joining our 7 Steps of Protein virtual event!

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