AUG 25, 2021 9:00 AM PDT

Keeping up with the chemists - Cloud processing for pharma cryo-EM

Sponsored by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Event Date & Time

Date:  August 25, 2021

Time: 9:00am PDT



During this interactive webinar you can ask questions, get answers, and engage with Taiana De Oliveira from AstraZeneca, Steven Litster, Brian Skjerven, and Natalie White from Amazon, and Ieva Drulyte from Thermo Fisher Scientific. Cryo-EM-based compound design is rapidly gaining traction in medicinal chemistry within pharmaceutical companies. The desired outcome would be multiple compound-bound structures of the same protein, reflecting the workflow of high-throughput Design-Make-Test-Analyze DMTA cycles needed for candidate compound development. Taiana will elaborate on the experience of AstraZeneca and on how the developments in the EM field over the last five years in the streamlining of EM data / processing and analysis are enabling structure-based drug design of previously intractable targets in a timeline/throughput conducive to the fast paced Drug Discovery Projects. To fully deliver on the promise of cryo-EM technology for structure-based drug design researchers need timely access to both data and computational power. They need an IT infrastructure that is capable of handling the data growth, as well as enormous demand on computing using highly specialized packages for the image-processing after the images are captured. The scaling of cryo-EM processing through cloud poses unique opportunities to improve management and processing of large amounts of data and provide scalable compute for reducing computational time and investment necessary for cryo-EM structure determination. In this webinar, experts from Amazon provide a layman's description of cryo-EM in the cloud, real world benchmarks and the implications for structure-based drug design.


Learning Objectives:


  • Discuss the impact of fast reconstructions for drug design
  • Explain how cloud computing brings scalability to cryo-EM processing
  • Explain how cloud computing shortens the time to cryo-EM structure




Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after live event.


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