MAY 09, 2017 10:00 PM PDT

Cost effective protein production for R&D and animal trials

  • Adjunct Professor of RMIT and Monash University, Protein Production and Fermentation CSIRO, BioManufacturing, Parkville and Clayton laboratories, Australia
      George is Adjunct Professor of RMIT and Monash University Protein Production and Fermentation. He works closely with CSIRO, BioManufacturing Parkville and Clayton laboratories, Australia.


    The CSIRO Tissue Culture Facility (CTCF) employs a range of in-house optimized platform technologies to identify optimum vector-host cell combinations for both transient and stable protein production in traditional or single-use bioreactors. Our seminar will summarize the recommended steps to use these technologies and provide a quick guide to produce proteins in a cost-effective way. Also, a direct comparison of protein production using transient HEK 293 and the latest ExpiCHO cell cultures will be presented in detail.

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