MAR 11, 2020 1:30 PM PDT

Examining the effects of sonication on alpha synuclein pre-formed fibrils (PFFs)

Presented at: Neuroscience 2020
  • President StressMarq Biosciences Inc.
      President & CEO of StressMarq Biosciences Inc., a research reagent company with primary product lines in neurodegenerative diseases and cellular stress based in Victoria (BC), Canada. Successful Senior Scientific Business Executive with demonstrated expertise growing markets, revenues, product pipelines and expanding technical organizations into new business opportunities. Educational and business management experience in global markets, with quantified success in moving technical businesses into new international arenas. Author of numerous peer-reviewed articles, and holder of several patents.


    Neurodegenerative disease research can be considerably accelerated by using fibrillar or oligomeric constructs of prion-like proteins in in vitro or in vivo studies. These exist in a variety of forms, and are able to generate different outcomes depending on how they are prepared. The most popular constructs are pre-formed fibrils (PFFs) of certain proteins, including Alpha Synuclein and Tau, relevant in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases.  However, despite being popular in this regard, their preparation – requiring sonication – has not been extensively studied from a phase perspective. In this discussion we examine current best practices and provide direction of why sonication is important and how it affect pre-formed fibrils.

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