Genomic Landscapes: Leveraging Genetic Evidence throughout the Pharma Pipeline



Realizing the promise of Precision Medicine requires both a deep understanding of the landscape of genomic evidence and an understanding of the molecular drivers that influence all aspects of the drug development pipeline. Advances in genomic sequencing technology provide incredible opportunities for the use of genetics to drive drug discovery, but the lack of organized empirical data and the challenge of manually interpreting and annotating genomic evidence has limited its enormous potential. Using real-world examples, Dr. Kiel will demonstrate how Genomenon has overcome these obstacles and is being used by pharmaceutical companies to provide invaluable insight into the genomic drivers of disease. Drawing from its exhaustive database of empirical evidence and a unique combination of AI and expert curation, Genomenon’s Mastermind® produces comprehensive genomic landscapes to validate candidate targets, inform downstream research and discovery, and segregate patients for enrollment in clinical trials. Dr. Kiel will also discuss how Genomenon is pursuing its vision of curating the entire human genome to advance the drug discovery process and maximize the efficiency of clinical diagnosis.

Learning Objectives:

1. Why a deep understanding of genomic evidence is critical at each stage of the drug development process

2. How genomic evidence can be used in each stage using real-world examples

3. How Mastermind Curated Genomic Datasets are being used to increase the success rate of drug candidates, broaden patient populations, and identify new disease indications