New Gibco B-27 Plus Neuronal Culture System-Next Generation Media for Superior Neuronal Survival and Functionality

  • Senior Staff Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific
      Navjot Kaur is a Senior Staff Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific in the Cell Biology business based in Frederick, MD. She is part of a team focusing on research, development and commercialization of next generation tools and reagents for Neurobiology, stem cell culture and differentiation. She has served as an R&D lead for launch of over 8 new products in the market spanning Neurobiology, cryopreservation, and stem cell differentiation areas. Navjot has developed and utilized a range of research tools including media formulation optimization, verification & validation process, development of standardized QC assays, technology transfer, manufacturing protocols, experimental design and statistical analyses. Prior to starting at Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2007 as Staff Scientist, she joined University at Buffalo, NY as a Postdoctoral Fellow and published more than 20 research articles in peer-reviewed journals in the fields of Neurobiology, Cell Signaling, and Protein Biochemistry.


    Since 1993, Gibco™ B-27™ Supplement and Neurobasal™ Medium has been the trusted standard for a variety of neuronal culture applications, with citations in more than 11,000 publications. However, as the desire for more reliable and biologically relevant models has increased, so too has the necessity for a media system that can maintain and mature functional neurons over long periods of time in culture. To meet this need, we have developed the new Gibco™ B-27™ Plus Neuronal Culture System comprising a neuronal basal medium (Neurobasal™ Plus) and serum-free supplement (B-27™ Plus) that provides significant improvements for long term viability and functionality of primary and PSC-derived neurons in vitro.

    This next-generation media system features an optimized formulation, upgraded manufacturing process, and more stringent quality control for raw materials and final product.

    Performance of this system was evaluated by a number of criteria including neurite outgrowth, neuronal survival and functionality in primary rat, mouse and human PSC-derived neurons for long term cultures at both low and high cell density. Taken together the results demonstrate that our new B-27™ Plus Neuronal Culture System is a superior solution to the current trusted standards used for culturing primary neurons, and maturing and maintaining hPSC-derived neurons.

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