Identification of a High Titer Lentiviral Production Alternative to Facilitate Regenerative Medicine Therapies

  • Development Engineer / Scientist II, CCRM
      Calley Hirsch has been a Development Engineer / Scientist II at CCRM in Toronto for 8 months, where she specializes in upstream lentiviral production and gene delivery technologies. Prior to working at CCRM, Calley was a postdoctoral fellow at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute in Toronto and MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston working on pluripotent stem cells and somatic cell reprogramming. Calley received her PhD from the University of Saskatchewan.


    Regenerative medicine therapeutics aimed at restoring normal cell function due to trauma and disease are gaining increasing momentum in clinical trials. For this purpose, lentivirus-based gene delivery is actively being investigated to treat a collection of monogenic and neoplastic diseases. The recent success of CAR-T-cell products further indicate an emerging role for lentiviral therapies, however, scalability and cost-effective production still present manufacturing challenges. To circumvent these problems, transient lentivirus production has been proposed in suspension host cells, yet consistent high titer yields remain difficult to achieve. In this presentation, a lentiviral production screen will be discussed where different cell lines, transfection reagents and media have been assessed to define a baseline process for scalable and cost-effective manufacturing of high titer lentivirus.

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