MAY 10, 2017 8:00 AM PDT

Optimisation of UCB's Transient Expression Platforms

  • Scientist, Protein Sciences, UCB Pharma
      After graduation from the Aachen University of Applied Sciences in Germany I worked for a number of years as a Process Development Scientist at AstraZeneca in Sweden in cell line generation and developing scalable fermentation processes for mammalian cell cultures. After this I moved to the UK and joined the New Meds Division of UCB working within the transient gene expression group. Over my 10 years at UCB I have implemented many improvements to both our CHO and HEK293 transient expression platforms which have led to significant improvement in titre and throughput. I am now currently part of the alternative antibody format group helping to design and improve expression of 'difficult to express proteins'.


    Development of antibody therapeutics, from early stage research to preclinical and clinical development, requires ever-increasing amounts of reagents. To meet the challenge of furnishing a diverse and full pipeline, we utilise several different transient platforms. Through continuous optimisation, streamlining and automation of component parts of our panel of platforms (utilising both HEK293 and CHO host cells with a variety of transfection methods), we now have the capability to produce microgram-to-gram quantities of panels of purified antibodies and antibody fragments in as few as four weeks from receipt of plasmid DNA.

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