OCT 11, 2017 6:00 AM PDT

A Pan-Cancer view of gene expression in Immuno-Oncology with particular applications in ovarian cancer

  • Principal Bioinformaticist, EA Genomics/Q2 Solutions
      Dr. Jones is currently Principal Bioinformaticist and Scientific Advisor at Q2 Solutions | EA Genomics. He conducts collaborative scientific research with clients in multiple areas, especially in oncology and immuno-oncology. His background includes leading the analysis, development and validation of the bioinformatic and computational systems that process complex genomic assays (including next generation sequencing assays) evaluating new and emerging genomic technologies, and developing bioinformatic implementation strategies. He consults with clients and provides thought leadership in industry and public consortiums involved in genomic science and measurement. Dr. Jones was recently elected as President-elect of the new Massive Analysis and Quality Control (MAQC) Society. Dr. Jones has over 15 years of experience in advanced genomic technologies and 20 years of experience in scientific and technology leadership positions, including serving as Vice President of Statistics and Bioinformatics at Expression Analysis, Inc and Chief Science Officer at Reliametrics, a Nortel Networks business unit. He has authored or co-authored over 45 peer-reviewed publications and has presented at numerous scientific meetings and industry conferences and consortium workshops. He also supports student research as a faculty adjunct at UNC Chapel Hill in the School of Medicine.


    There has been a great deal of renewed attention in immuno-oncology over the last decade.   Therapies for cancer are being developed, approved, and administered that can either initiate, modulate, or enhance immune response to various cancers including metastatic cancer.  This presentation will examine the advantages of using RNA measurements of the tumor micro-environment to measure not only tumor-cell expression and related systems but also the immune response (if any) to the tumor.  We will examine evidence of pan-cancer immunogenicity by utilizing RNA-Seq data from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA).   From this view, we will see direct evidence that immune response can vary by cancer type and vary from other potential biomarkers of immunogenicity including tumor mutational burden.  In particular, we will examine potential applications of immune subsystem-related biomarkers with ovarian cancer in prognostic areas such as predicting event-free and overall survival.  

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    OCT 11, 2017 6:00 AM PDT

    A Pan-Cancer view of gene expression in Immuno-Oncology with particular applications in ovarian cancer



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