MAY 10, 2017 9:00 AM PDT

A Semi-Automated High-Throughput Transient Expression and Purification Platform using the Expi293 Expression System

  • Scientist, high-throughput transient transfectio, Pfizer, Inc.
      2000-2001 Genzyme Biosurgery, GMP Culture of autologous chondrocytes for knee replacement surgery
      2001-2002 Harvard School of Public Health, Responsible for culturing of Human Airway Smooth Muscle cells for asthma research
      2002-2007 ImmunoGen, Responsible for the stable cell line development of DG44CHO cells secreting monoclonal antibodies
      2007-2010 Organon/Schering-Plough/Merck, Responsible for the stable and large scale transient development of DG44CHO and Hek293F cells to produce monoclonal antibodies
      2010-Present Pfizer, Responsible for large scale and small scale transient expression of proteins in various formats using the Expi293F transient transfection platform. Currently working in the High Throughput Transient transfection group


    We have developed a semi-automated, high-throughput transient expression and purification system that yields milligram quantities of hundreds of proteins weekly. Starting from a glycerol stock with an automated DNA purification system, followed by semi-automated transfection/feed/clarification/filtration and a fully-automated purification and buffer exchange, we deliver high quality-protein supporting dozens of projects with an eight-day turnaround time.

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