APR 27, 2018 8:00 AM PDT

Testing for Coagulation Factor Deficiencies and Inhibitors

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  • Professor and Physician Scientist, McMaster University and Head of Coagulation for the Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program
      Dr. Hayward is a Professor and Physician Scientist at McMaster University and is also the Head of Coagulation for the Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program. She is also the President of the International Society of Laboratory Hematology. Dr. Hayward has published extensively in the field of hemostasis, including studies on using laboratory tests to diagnose bleeding disorders and her publications have been cited more than 7100 times. Dr. Hayward has received many awards including Gold Medal awards from McMaster University and the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons for her research on hemostasis, a Canada Research Chair and Heart and Stroke Foundation Career Investigator Awards, and the Berend Houwen and Biggs McFarlane Lecture Awards. She is passionate about education and promoting best diagnostic laboratory practices.


    Laboratory testing for coagulation factor deficiencies and inhibitors is important for diagnosing and monitoring inherited and acquired coagulopathies and for evaluating the causes of coagulation screening test abnormalities. The webinar will cover strategies and pitfalls to consider and which assays should be performed to further evaluate test abnormalities, including assays for specific factor inhibitors. Real life cases, and illustrations of pre-analytical errors and interferences, will be used to illustrate important practice points. The different patterns and causes of abnormalities will be reviewed to ensure that laboratories consider all potential causes of abnormal findings.

    Participants in this session will be able to:

    • Differentiate which factor deficiencies are common and which are rare
    • Describe what factor assays should be considered for a preoperative patient with a prolonged APTT, and which abnormalities are most common
    • Describe how to test for a coagulation factor deficiency and a specific factor inhibitor
    • Describe at least two pre-analytical errors that could cause test abnormalities that mimic a factor deficiency


     P.A.C.E. ® Credits are no longer available for this webinar.

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