SEP 13 - 30 2023

The Thomas Center-Resources, Talks, Drawings!

New resource rich labs and home to the Thomas Experts Series, featuring emerging trends, new applications, and workflow solutions.

The Thomas Center is launching with our new Agilent Genomic, Labconco and Thermo Fisher Scientific equipment rooms. Available year to year to learn about Thomas Scientific’s products and services, hear from our experts and participate in free drawings! An ever growing virtual environment—stay tuned for new verticals, workflows and other product groupings coming soon. So, be sure to come back and take a look as the Thomas Center grows featuring more of your most trusted manufacturers.

The Thomas Experts Series will bring emerging trends, new applications, and workflow solutions directly to you—wherever you are. Each month, 3 different industry Experts will discuss that month's trending topic—ranging from Automation to Chemical & Laboratory Safety to Environmental Science Technologies, click to preview the full schedule below. In addition to these monthly talks, our virtual environment is filled with essential application, workflow, product and services information, surveys, and drawings. Monthly giveaways include the Thomas Experts Series Beats Studio Buds (one winner every month) and much more. It's brand new, and it's all free to you!

Preview the Thomas Experts Series before The Thomas Center opens June 2nd here!