JUN 28 2016 - JUN 28 2017

Protein and Cell Analysis Education

The Protein and cell analysis education site is a free-access destination where you can learn more about applications and techniques related to protein gel chemistries, western detection, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, fluorescence imaging, high content imaging, antibodies and antibody labeling, multiplex immunoassays, and more.
The webinars and other educational content are provided by the scientists that developed the Molecular Probes™ Handbook and School of Fluorescence and the Pierce™ Protein Methods Handbook.  This includes:

  • A wide selection of technical handbooks & white papers
  • How-to & educational videos about techniques and applications
  • On demand webinars & tutorials covering the basics of protein and cell analysis
  • Easy access to our Learning Centers

When you register, you will also get notification of upcoming webinars and other activities. All content is available 24/7 and is viewable from the convenience of your desk, tablet or mobile device. Sign up today!