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MAR 28 - 29 2018 Opens: 6:00 AM PT
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Cannabis Sciences 2018
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LabRoots invites you to the First Annual Cannabis Sciences online conference! Cannabis Sciences is a growing field of medicine and research, with a regulatory landscape that is ever-changing, as it is becoming more accepted and legalized for medical use and new policies are being developed.

Challenged with navigating the regulatory arena, cannabis research elevates the understanding of metabolic processes to provide innovative treatment options for unmet medical needs. By bringing together cannabis industry experts, instrument manufacturers, testing labs, research scientists, medical practitioners, policy makers and professionals from around the world, LabRoots will drive collaboration and foster innovation from which new ideas expand into integrated solutions.

This complimentary conference offers a fantastic opportunity to benefit from interacting with a global community of like-minded colleagues from the comfort of home. Topics of discussion include analytical testing, extraction, sample prep, edibles manufacturing, regulatory landscape and more. As our first-ever annual event, we aim to further the conversation of cannabis sciences and analytical research. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Cannabis Therapies for Diseases
    • Immune Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy
    • Cannabis for Pediatric Disease –
      • Childhood cancer, tumors
      • Autism
      • Guidelines for parents/patients to select a safe medical cannabis product
    • Pain and cannabis impact on opiate use
  • Cannabis Extraction and Testing
    • Cultivating medical cannabis
    • Post-processing of Cannabis: Lab, Pilot and Process Scale
  • Standardization of Cannabis Testing
    • regulatory compliance and standardization, as they relate to automation and LIMS
    • Cannabis testing and the work RJ Lee Group is doing regarding cannabis lab auditing experience
  • Current landscape of
    • legal/policy arena
    • regulatory issues
  • Current International Medical Cannabis Landscape

Our virtual conference allows you to participate in a global setting with no travel or cost to you. You can take part in exactly those parts which you are interested in and be back at your desk or bench in an instant. Virtual events remove time and place restrictions and ensure that everyone who wants to participate can do so. This virtual conference also offers increased reach for the global clinical community with a high degree of interaction through live-streaming video and chat sessions.


Call for Posters — Virtual poster sessions offer the opportunity to present data to a global audience via a PDF poster and video summary, and discuss results with interested colleagues through email. Plan now to have your poster included in the Cannabis Sciences 2018 Virtual Event. Submission is free. Submit your abstract here


Continuing Education
By participating in this virtual event and watching webcast presentations, you can earn Free Continuing Education (PACE) and/or Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. To earn educational credits, you must view an entire presentation. Following the presentation you must click on the educational credit link provided for that particular speaker and follow the required process. Once you have completed the process, you will receive a certificate for the educational credit.

Use #LRcannabis to follow the conversation


Show Resources
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  • AC Braddock
    CEO, Eden Labs LLC
      AC Braddock is the CEO of the industry's most innovative and respected extraction technology company and a career entrepreneur. She has a keen eye for new trends, product placement, business strategy and creating a strong corporate culture and infrastructure for effective growth. These skills, along with her intense interest in botanicals as medicine and humanitarian issues, drive her in educating the industry and those it serves, in safe, healthful methods of producing concentrates. In 2009, Ms. Braddock became CEO of Eden and proceeded to guide the company through exponential growth that directly related to her vision in initiating a pathway for significant expansion of the Cannabis industry through national promotion and further product development of safe extraction technology, ensuring pure consumable products for medical applications and legalization. From a modest start with 5L SCFE systems in the 90's Eden with Ms. Braddock's vision can now service the needs of the burgeoning Hemp industry by supplying 6000L industrial extraction systems. Eden has been listed as one of the top 10 fastest growing women led companies in Seattle, Washington. She has a developed a reputation as a thought leader in modern business practice, a unifier across industries, and an inspirational speaker in this emerging industry. A founding supporter of three Cannabis Women's groups, WOW (Women of Weed), Cannabis Women's Alliance, and Women Grow. She is also the Vice Chair on NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association) board, the NCIA Federal Policy Council and the VP on Washington state's The Cannabis Alliance board, and is on the BOD of Pacific Century Holdings.
    • Russ Cersosimo Jr.
      Founder and CEO, Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society
        Russell Cersosimo Jr. is the founder of Pittsburgh-based Miradati Technology, which is currently developing HIPAA-compliant, enterprise software that creates standardized data for medical cannabis research. Integrating both legacy and proprietary technologies, Miradati helps facilitate this rapidly developing field of study, producing quantifiable data that more accurately measures patient outcomes, reduces prescribing errors and lowers patient costs. Up until 2104, it's safe to say Cersosimo had, at best, an agnostic view of the medicinal benefits of the popular recreational drug. That would soon change after he was introduced to the family of Hannah Shuker, an 11 year-old girl with severe intractable epilepsy. Hannah instantly captured Cersosimo's heart and the desire to help save her life forever changed his. Witnessing first hand how profoundly cannabis could improve Hannah's condition, Cersosimo made it his mission to help get such medicine into the hands of other patients and families, equally desperate for hope. These efforts led him in 2015 to found the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society (PAMCS), the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's largest organization for professionals, educators and leaders in the industry. It should come as no surprise that PAMCS' and Cersosimo's advocacy efforts were instrumental in 2016's successful legalization campaign. Today, Cersosimo is committed to forging partnerships that improve the capture and analysis of medical cannabis data. Cersosimo is passionate about developing solutions that will shape the industry and help more patients like Hannah around the world. With that operating vision at its core, Cersosimo's Keystone Integrated Care, was recently awarded multiple licenses to operate medicinal dispensaries throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. A serial entrepreneur as far back as his days studying Psychology at West Virginia University, Cersosimo founded Webbula, a data-centric technology company. As its CEO, Cersosimo generated high-profile clientele including Google, Yahoo, T-Mobile, Neustar, and Epsilon. Mr. Cersosimo has also served as CEO for marketing firm Optimal Reach Media. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Tourettes Syndrome Awareness Foundation.
      • Lalit Chordia, PhD
        President and CEO, Thar Energy, LLC
          For the last 30 years, Dr. Chordia has pioneered R&D in and commercial applications of supercritical fluid technology, a green materials processing technology. While earning his doctorate in 1982, Dr. Chordia co-founded his first company, Suprex Corp, and then served as Vice President of Engineering and R&D. Suprex was the first company to focus only on supercritical fluids. Dr. Chordia left Suprex in 1990 and formed Thar Technologies. Through his technological and commercial leadership, Dr. Chordia has taken Thar from one employee to a global leader in its field. This transformation has led to the creation of several spin offs, including: 1) Thar Instruments, which in 2009 was sold to the Waters Corporation, a publicly-traded world leader in scientific instrumentation; 2) Thar Pharmaceuticals, a drug development company; 3) Thar Process, a designer and marketer of process scale supercritical fluid technology; 4) Thar Energy, a developer of alternative, green energy technology such as advanced biofuels; and 5) Thar Geothermal, a developer of high-efficiency, green heating and cooling technologies. Some examples of Thar's involvement in supercritical fluid process and equipment technologies over the years are natural pharmaceutical and spice extraction, drug purification and design, coatings, electronics cleaning, cooling, advanced biofuels and a host of other applications and equipment technologies. In particular, extraction of cannabis and the separation of individual cannabinoid for large scale production. Thar's facility in Pittsburgh includes the largest high pressure toll processing facility in the world and Thar has built the largest high pressure SFC equipment in the world. Recognizing his accomplishments, the United States Small Business Administration named Dr. Chordia the 2002 US Small Business National Exporter of the Year, an award he won in a competition against all companies nationwide with up to 500 employees. Dr. Chordia has also been the primary investigator on multiple research and development projects, including two prestigious Advanced Technology Program awards through the National Institute of Standards and Technology. In 2010, Dr. Chordia was honored with the Distinguished Alumnus Award of IIT Madras, the Carnegie Science Entrepreneur Award and in 2015, elected a Fellow by The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and in 2017 received the regional EY (Ernst & Young) Entrepreneur of the Year. Dr. Lalit Chordia received his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, and earned a doctorate in chemical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA).
        • Kent Crowley, Pharm. D., FAARFM
          Director Of Research & Product Development, Silver State Trading
            Kent Crowley, Pharm.D., is a board-certified Pharm.D. through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy from University of California, San Francisco and completed his residency with Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles, CA. He completed his Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine in 2011. During his 34 years in practice, he has worked in primary research at UCI, Dept. of Pediatrics, Division of Child Development, involved in the development of several drugs; holds two patents in neuropathic pain and a patent on a buccal delivery system incorporating cannabis. Dr. Crowley currently is the Director of R&D at Silver State Trading in Sparks, NV, a 40,000 sq.ft. permitted Clean Green cannabis cultivation and production facility. He serves as the CMO for the Palliative Care Corporation in Huntington Beach, CA, working with patients & physicians incorporating cannabis in disease state treatment and symptoms management, whether as a primary treatment or complementary to traditional and/or other modalities. This same approach is practiced through Bud and Bloom in Santa Ana, CA as a clinic day each week for patients to come to a Best in Class dispensary and get good information/education on cannabis products/dosage forms/routes of administration and incorporate that into a functional medicine consult for personalized treatment goals. Dr. Crowley is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and serves on the Research Subcommittee and a member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society.
          • James Eaves, PhD
            Professor, Université Laval
              James Eaves received his Ph.D in Agricultural Economics from the University of California, Davis. Today, he is a management professor at Université Laval, where he is part of a research group that aims to find ways to increase the profitability of growing cannabis indoors and in greenhouses. He is a regular invited speaker at cannabis conferences across North America, writes for Canada's leading cannabis trade journal, and his award winning research has been discussed in numerous media outlets, including The Washington Post, Newsweek, and the CBC.
            • Catharine Layton
              Senior Technical Application Chemist at Waters Corporation
                Catharine is a Senior Technical Applications Chemist at Waters Corporation in Milford, MA where she works closely with technical experts in chromatographic purification, supercritical fluid separation, and bio-botanical extraction. Catharine received undergraduate degrees in Biological Science and Chemistry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her Master's degree at Western Connecticut State University. She began her career in Biopharmaceutical Research and Development at a fast-paced, international contract research organization and drug development laboratory where she was responsible for the design of analytical methods used to characterize novel biological therapeutics formulated by key research organizations. Catharine later moved into large pharma where she dedicated over 15 years to the development of analytical methods and implementation of testing strategies for drug delivery devices and complex small molecule formulations while working in both the United States and Europe. She is most recently the author of "The Beginners Guide to Preparative Liquid Chromatography".
              • Emily Leongini
                Attorney, Arent Fox LLP
                  Emily is member of the FDA practice group in Arent Fox LLP's Washington D.C. office. Arent Fox is a D.C.-based internationally recognized law firm that provides strategic counsel to clients that range from Fortune 500 corporations and start-ups, to trade associations and foreign governments. Emily focuses her practice on a variety of highly-regulated products including prescription and over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, foods, and cannabis. She routinely counsels clients on issues that affect the cannabis industry, such as licensing and permitting requirements, labeling and promotional review, good manufacturing and distribution practices, and supply chain management. Before joining Arent Fox, Emily worked at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for nearly six years. She has followed the legalized cannabis industry since 2004, while during graduate school, she worked with a major county health department to implement the requirements of California's Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (SB 420). Emily also speaks and writes regularly on current regulatory issues facing the cannabis industry. She earned a JD from American University, Washington College of Law, a Master of Public Policy from the University of Southern California, and BA from the University of Texas at Austin.
                • Jason Lupoi, PhD
                  Consulting Scientist/Analytical Chemist, RJ Lee Group, Inc.
                    Dr. Lupoi graduated summa cum laude from a small school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a B.S. in Chemistry, prior to attending graduate school at Iowa State University. There, Dr. Lupoi began his interest in evaluating plants with different analytical tools, such as spectroscopy, a line of research that continued in two postdoctoral appointments for the University of Queensland/Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the National Renewable Energy Lab. Before coming to RJ Lee Group, Dr. Lupoi led research projects predominantly focused on the creation of multivariate analysis data models. These models were developed using vibrational spectroscopy coupled with reference methods, such as chromatography that enabled the use of high-throughput spectroscopic instrumentation for the rapid screening of a diverse array of plants, including cannabis. At RJ Lee Group, Dr. Lupoi serves as a technical expert for the auditing and approving of WSLCB cannabis testing laboratories in support of I502. Dr. Lupoi's other work includes: the creation of a novel infrared imaging method that compared wild-type and modified sugarcane for localizing polyhydroxybutyrate expressed in sugarcane and a technique for immobilizing cellulase to silica nanoparticles for use in simultaneous saccharification and fermentation reactions that led to a two-fold increase in ethanol concentration. Dr. Lupoi has authored several peer-reviewed manuscripts, review articles, and a book chapter, has been an associate editor of a Special Topic journal in Frontiers in Biotechnology and Bioengineering, and has been a reviewer for several leading biofuel and analytical chemistry journals.
                  • Jahan Marcu, PhD, PFC
                    Director and Chief Scientific Officer, Americans For Safe Access
                      Jahan Marcu, Ph. D., is currently the Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Auditor for Americans for Safe Access and the Patient Focused Certification (PFC) Program. He is also on the Board of Directors of the International Association for Cannabinoids as Medicine (IACM). He received his Ph.D. for significant contributions to the study of the structure and function of the CB1 receptor, and the role of the endocannabinoid system in bone. Before earning his Ph.D., Dr. Marcu worked at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute studying the anti-cancer properties of compounds from the cannabis plant (Published in the Journal of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics) and on analytical Cannabis research projects in Holland. His work has been covered by Forbes, Vice, Nature, the Philadelphia Inquirer, CannabisNow, the sensible science blog at, Freedom Leaf Magazine, Washington Post and many other media outlets. He is also an author of the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia Cannabis Monograph. Dr. Marcu serves on multiple expert government, trade association committees, and scientific organizations including AHPA, ACS, AOCS, AOAC, ASA, IACM, IMCPC and others. Dr. Marcu was the first recipient of the Billy Martin research award from the International Cannabinoid Research Society. He is a court-qualified synthetic cannabinoid and cannabis expert.
                    • Jeffrey Matura
                      Attorney, Graif Garrett & Matura, P.C.
                        Jeff Matura is a founding shareholder of Graif Barrett & Matura, P.C. His practice emphasizes commercial litigation, municipal and governmental law, and insurance law. He is AV-Rated by Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest peer-review rating an individual lawyer can receive. He has also received the Rising Stars designation by Super Lawyers. In his commercial litigation practice, Mr. Matura represents private and public companies in a variety of matters, including contract disputes, fraud claims, employment issues, insurance disputes, and other business-related issues. Mr. Matura works closely with in-house counsel on all business matters, and often serves as the first person to call when a company lacks its own established in-house legal department. Mr. Matura is also the head of the firm's medical cannabis and marijuana law practice group. In this capacity, he advises dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and other licensed entities and individuals regarding compliance with the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. He also provides counseling regarding corporate structures, contracts, policies and procedures, and licensing issues that arise with the growing, production, and sale of medical cannabis. When disputes arise, Mr. Matura handles litigation matters involving all aspects of medical cannabis, including disputes against the Arizona Department of Health Services. In his municipal and governmental law practice, Mr. Matura represents towns, cities, and counties throughout Arizona. Mr. Matura defends these municipalities against civil rights claims, employment disputes, housing matters, police enforcement issues, and other contested actions. Mr. Matura serves as the town or city attorney for several municipalities, works closely with a Town or City Manager, and often appears before a Town or City Council to provide advice on pending matters and updates on important laws. Mr. Matura also has specialized knowledge and experience regarding the Civil Rights Act, the Arizona and Federal Fair Housing Acts, reasonable accommodation requests, law enforcement disputes, and public records requests. Mr. Matura also testifies before the Arizona State Legislature to provide input on behalf of clients on proposed legislation that could impact municipalities. In his insurance law practice, Mr. Matura represents international and national life insurance companies, property and casualty companies, and other insurers. He often represents these insurers against first-party breach of contract and bad faith lawsuits, analyzes claims and medical payment issues, and advises insurers on their business needs and compliance with Arizona insurance laws. Mr. Matura handles disputes from their inception and through trial. He has completed numerous jury trials in federal and state courts. He has also completed more than 50 administrative trials before various regulatory and administrative bodies throughout Arizona.
                      • Paul Mavor, Pharm. D
                        Pharmacist, Medical Cannabis Research Australia
                          Paul is an Australian based pharmacist who has been researching the potential of medicinal cannabis as a treatment for several years. His company Health House International was granted the first medicinal cannabis import license in Australia and he is currently distributing medicinal cannabis products to eligible patients. He is also a director of Medical Cannabis Research Australia and has run educational seminars on medicinal cannabis for health professionals in every Australian state. Paul brings a wealth of knowledge from his hands-on research in the U.S., Canada and Israel.
                        • Robert Morgan
                          Director Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International
                            Bob is a graduate of Shippensburg University with a BS in Geoenvironmental Science. Bob has spent his 35 year career working for ASTM International. ASTM International was created in 1898 as a solutions provider and a developer of consensus standards for multiple industries affecting aviation fuel, construction materials, medical devices and consumer products, to name a few.. ASTM's mission is directed at the quality of products and services and the health and safety of the consumer and the environment for 90 different industry sectors. During his career, he has worked with dozens of industries, facilitating stakeholder engagement with the development of voluntary consensus standards. His most recent assignment has been working with the Cannabis industry. ASTM Committee D37 on Cannabis was created in 2017 and currently has 280 members representing production facilities, laboratories, State and Provincial Regulators, and consumers.
                          • Cindy Orser, PhD
                            Chief Science Officer, DigipathLabs
                              As Chief Science Officer of DigiPath Labs, Dr. Cindy Orser has created a replicable analytical testing environment with validated protocols to ensure cannabis and cannabis-based products are safe. She has also developed biomarkers to clearly distinguish the authenticity of specific cannabis strains concomitant with determining the bioavailability of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the product. Dr. Orser draws from over 25 years of experience innovating in both academia and private industry. She holds 19 issued patents and has authored 43 peer-reviewed publications. She received her BS in Botany from Montana State University in Bozeman, and was awarded a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, in Plant Pathology and Genetics. Dr. Orser is the founder of four biotech companies including Adlyfe, Cellphire, Big Sky Biosystems and ASDx Biosystems. She has consulted for the molecular and medical diagnostics industry as well as the federal government. For five years, Dr. Orser served as Corporate Senior Scientist and Head of the Biodefense/ Biotechnology Initiative at Areté Associates in Washington, DC, and she was also a tenured professor of biochemistry and bacteriology at the University of Idaho.
                            • Markus Roggen, PhD
                              VP Extraction, OutCo
                                Markus brings an outside perspective, founded on a solid scientific base, to the cannabis field. An organic chemist by training, Markus took the plunge into the cannabis world by establishing a testing laboratory. He also built an extraction facility for large volume supercritical CO2 extraction. Markus is deeply interested in the molecular properties of the plant, including testing, extracting, and the transformation of active ingredients. As a strong proponent of basic research, Markus constantly tests the limits of current cannabis science and is always willing to help others with their research. Born in Germany, Markus took a very international route in the pursuit of his chemistry doctorate. His various stops around the globe include undergraduate studies at Imperial College, London, research stays in Germany and Singapore, a Ph.D. at ETHZ in Switzerland, and, finally, postdoctoral studies at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego.
                              • Tracy Ryan
                                CEO and Lead Consultant, CannaKids
                                  Tracy Ryan is the CEO and lead consultant for CannaKids, a California-based cooperative with a focus on supplying medical cannabis oil to adults and children looking for holistic relief for serious health conditions, specializing in pediatric cancer. Since her infant daughter's brain tumor diagnosis in June of 2013, Tracy has dedicated a huge part of her life to educating herself on the medicinal powers of medical marijuana in treating her own daughter's disease, as well as all other pediatric and adult cancers, epilepsy, autism, and beyond. Tracy has worked on a global scale with families who are seeking education and treatment options for their loved ones, and has guided many patients to unheard of success. CannaKids is now on a trajectory to be one of the world's leaders for cannabinoid therapies based on scientific research and is in collaboration with some of the top researchers, doctors and hospitals in the world. With a true passion for clinical research Tracy has partnered with, and is on the Advisory Board of, CURE Pharmaceutical, (OTCQB:CURR), ("CURE"), a leading disruptive drug delivery technology and pharmaceutical cannabinoid molecule development company, and the Technion Institute in Israel who is leading the way in cannabis research for cancer. CannaKids has been sharing their meticulously tracked patient data with Technion in order to help further assist in their research. Furthermore, CannaKids & CURE are funding the next four years of this research where both pediatric and adult cancers will be studied for cannabinoid sensitivity. In addition to the research in Israel, CannaKids is in the planning phase with a major hospital in California and is expected to start in-hospital clinical trials on pediatric patients in the next year. As a public speaker, Tracy can be found speaking at medical cannabis and pediatric cancer events all over the world in her quest to educate the mass public on the power of this incredible plant. Tracy and her family have been featured in many national and international news pieces including National Geographic, Vice News, Entertainment Tonight, Fox Business, The Huffington Post, CNN, Telemundo, and many more. They are also the key focus of the Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein documentary, "Weed The People", set to release this year.

                                POSTER SUBMISSION GUIDELINES

                                Virtual poster sessions offer the opportunity to present data to a global audience via a PDF poster and video summary, and discuss results with interested colleagues through email. Posters should be submitted as a PowerPoint file. Presentations should incorporate illustrative materials such as tables, graphs, photographs, and large-print text. This content is not peer reviewed. Submission is free.

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                                If accepted, you will also have the opportunity to record a 3-5 minute summary video for each poster. LabRoots will work with each individual to create these videos. Video links and email contact information will be included on each poster displayed.

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                                • Kent Crowley

                                  Kent Crowley, Pharm.D., is a board-certified Pharm.D. through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy from University of California, San Francisco and completed his residency with Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles, CA. He completed his ...

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                                • Russ Cersosimo

                                  Russell Cersosimo Jr. is the founder of Pittsburgh-based Miradati Technology, which is currently developing HIPAA-compliant, enterprise software that creates standardized data for medical cannabis research. Integrating both legacy and proprietary technologies, Miradati helps ...

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