2021 Global IC Symposium

14 Jun, 2021 | Labroots

Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, will be hosting their “2021 Global IC Symposium,” June 22-24, 2021.

Ion chromatography (IC) is a critical analytical tool on which environmental, food safety, industrial, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical labs rely to provide solutions to some of their most challenging problems. Join Thermo Fisher Scientific’s “2021 Global IC Symposium” to learn how colleagues and experts are using this powerful separation technique across the IC application spectrum to improve their workflows.

This online event is free for all registrants, and will provide an opportunity for you to network with other attendees and with members of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s staff. Some event highlights include:

  • June 22: Ideal for Asia Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand. Begin with the plenary lecture “RFIC – History and State of the Art,” then join presentations of interest in two concurrent tracks focused on environmental and food and beverage testing. Participate in a workshop on IC troubleshooting for useful tips on improving your ion chromatography.

  • June 23: Ideal for Europe, Middle East, Africa, India. The day begins with a plenary lecture titled “The Present and Future of IC Column Stationary Phases.” Afterwards, Thermo Fisher Scientific is offering nine presentations in three different application sessions: environmental, industrial, and bio/pharmaceutical. The event ends with a workshop focused on IC maintenance tips and tricks.

  • June 24: Ideal for the Americas. The plenary discusses the application of IC to art and architecture and how it can offer lessons to all ion chromatographers. Nine presentations across three focus areas (environmental, food and beverage, and industrial) are being offered followed by a workshop on the selection and proper use of suppressors.

Although each day is convenient for a specific region, your single registration allows you to attend any session on any day. This virtual event’s sessions will be recorded for convenient viewing after the symposium. For more information about Thermo Fisher Scientific’s “2021 Global IC Symposium,” speakers, official agenda, and to register, click here

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