"Labroots team are rock stars - working with your team is very streamlined, making it, from our side, very easy to work with our busy speakers like Dr Muzny. We look forward to the continued partnership!"

Chris McGowin, Scientific Affairs Manager


"The Labroots virtual conference has been an efficient and reliable asset to continually engage our consumers through digital touchpoints. It has become an important platform for us to network, educate researchers on our wide portfolio range, and keep abreast of the latest breakthroughs. In addition, the team at Labroots has made this process easy and fun-we thoroughly enjoy working with them and look forward to seeing more positive results in the future!"

Jaime Robinson, Director of Global Events


"After speaking with a representative at a microbiology conference, we purchased an email bucket from Labroots to trial the quality of their email lists. Most email lists we are offered are spam, but we were pleasantly surprised to receive high open and click rates for these email addresses beyond expectations. Labroots has specific regulations so not to overburden their lists and offers quality webinars to achieve these emails in the first place, plus they can specify with their data the exact type of customer you wish to connect with (instead of the usual generalized subject lists). It lead to a pleasant arrangement of accessing new customers that were interested in our product for a high ROI compared to other external mailing list providers."

Amanda Myrkalo, Marketing Associate at Taylor & Francis Group


"The Labroots virtual event represents a great opportunity for us to support education in clinical diagnostics. The online format gives medical and lab professionals a convenient way to stay up-to-date with the latest practices in their field and discuss how diagnostic testing can provide greater medical value."

Randy Pritchard, Vice President of Marketing at Roche Diagnostics


"We find the Labroots Clinical Diagnostics virtual event a great way to connect with potential customers and engage with thought leaders in our Market."

Marjorie Schnelle, Marketing Manager, Molecular Diagnostics


"I gave a virtual presentation this last June and I found it to be a fun and rewarding experience. Don Cruikshank and the entire Labroots staff were easy to work with, thorough and immensely helpful. Their software was intuitive, and easy to use during the presentation. Although I had some trepidations about 'speaking' to my computer screen rather than an audience, when I was actually giving the talk I found it very easy and natural. I would definitely recommend Labroots as both a speaker and as part of the audience."

Tim Hamill, MD, Director UCSF Clinical Laboratories


"I found the Labroots production of my lecture to be interesting, effective and very user friendly. The team worked well with me, there were no technical snafus, and I felt well supported as I delivered the talk from my office computer. I enjoyed the international audience. All in all, an effective and professional program."

Paul Billings, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer, Life Technologies


"The ROI for the Labroots Clinical Virtual Meeting was outstanding! The number of visitors to our online booth far exceeded any physical tradeshow. We received a large number of high-quality leads and the turn-key nature of our participation in the various programs with the support of the Labroots team made it easy! Working with Labroots is a pleasure"

Lianne McLean, Sr. Director Market Development


"I enjoyed speaking about clinical lipid and lipoprotein assessment as part of Labroots Clinical Diagnostics virtual event session. As a speaker, I independently developed the topic and content of my talk. The online conference platform was a great mechanism to interact with a diverse audience from around the globe, without any carbon footprint. The ability to poll the audience in real-time during the talk, have a live Q&A session, and chat with audience members after the talk provided valuable avenues for thought sharing. I definitely look forward to participating in Labroots sessions in the future."

Seth Martin, MD, Cardiology Fellow, Division of Cardiology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital


"I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to you and your team for the wonderful Labroots experience. I greatly enjoyed participating as both a speaker and a participant. The presentations that I attended were excellent, and it was so convenient to be able to view them without traveling. Kudos to you and your team for creating such a successful conference."

Linnea M. Baudhuin, Ph.D., DABMG, Mayo Clinic, Co-director, Personalized Genomics Laboratory Co-director, Cardiovascular Laboratory Medicine, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology


"In the future, biomedical conferences are going to go virtual one way or another. Labroots is out at the cutting edge, way ahead of other conference organizations in creating this future. As a presenter I found the experience extremely user-friendly. I appreciated the opportunity to reach the audience from my own office chair. No travel, no hassle, high impact - the ideal combination."

Brian R. Jackson, MD, MS, VP - Chief Medical Informatics Officer, ARUP Laboratories


"I had a lot of fun doing the webinar at Labroots. The platform was very user friendly and easy to navigate. Being able to do it from home was also a nice and more comfortable change from doing in person presentations at other events. I was still able to feel the audience members were engaged in the presentation via questions sent during the presentation. This is a much more efficient way to do educational conferences for both the speaker and attendees."

Shilla Patel OD, CIC, Clinical Epidemiologist, Scripps Mercy San Diego


"I found Labroots to be an extremely organized and professional group. Their technological platform is exceptional, and it was easy to deliver my lecture with a smashing result. Thumbs up!"

James Januzzi, MD; Director Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School


"With the evolving changes in CME and related forms of medical education, Labroots is an excellent forum to deliver new, relevant medical information including advances in clinical care. As a past speaker, the setup was straightforward and intuitive. Lecturing directly from my office was convenient and hassle free. This was an efficient method to educate and disseminate new findings."

Warner Huh, MD, FACOG, FACS, Professor of Gynecologic Oncology, University of Alabama School of Medicine


"The logistical considerations and challenges to productivity associated with participating in a conference can be a hindrance. But Labroots virtual event accessible system was able to put me in touch with a panel of my peers while operating in the convenience of my office."

Courtney Kronenthal, PhD, Director Communications and Development, Coriell Institute for Medical Research


"I was very impressed with the reach and response of our presentation. Labroots is a high efficiency way for the life sciences industry to collaborate."

Kevin Hrusovsky, President


"As an organization, we're always looking for alternative ways to reach our targeted audience. LabRooots provides such an opportunity by bringing together a community of scientists eager for content, and enabling us to showcase our latest products and applications in an easy-to-navigate format."



"The Labroots virtual events provided an important opportunity to spread the word about the importance of vitamin D for overall health and welfare. The audience was very engaged as evidenced by their insightful questions after my presentation. It is an excellent format with CME accreditation to disseminate important state of the art information to a diverse audience."

Michael Holick, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Director of the General Clinical Research Center, Director of the Vitamin D, Skin and Bone Research Laboratory, Boston University Medical Center



"Labroots is a great opportunity to connect with other physicians and scientists on an international scale.The virtual format is very convenient, allowing many people to participate in the conference. The forum is a great way to stay current with the latest advances in the field of clinical diagnostics."

Kristi J. Smock, MD, Medical Director, University of Utah School of Medicine


"Labroots webinars and virtual events are an excellent way to provide information and continuing education credit to busy laboratorians. As dollars for education, travel and time allowed away from work continue to shrink, this "green alternative will become even vital."

Andrea Rose, PhD, MBA, Senior Clinical Support Consultant


"Labroots is a sophisticated, yet simple medium for live e-participation in high quality presentations on topics relevant and up to date. It offers research scientists, clinicians, and other Health Professionals across disciplines a unique opportunity to participate in timely topics at conferences from any corner of the world. It is the next wave of Medicins sans Frontier for Scientific Conferences"

Peter Blume-Jensen, MD, PhD, Metamark Genetics, Chief Scientific Officer


"I had such a fantastic experience with Labroots. This internet based conference gave me a chance to share my experience in Pharmacogenomics with a wide audience and I heard various opinions on this topic. Thanks for help from Don and the organizing crew. I could focus on my talk without worrying about technical elements of my presentation. These were organized and prepared at the highest professional level. I would encourage anyone with expertise in any medically related topics to sign in and give a talk on this forum."

Wieslaw Furmaga, MD, Associate Professor, Pathology, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Interim Medical Director, Molecular Reference Laboratory


"I enjoyed the experience of making a presentation, The Health Benefits of Vitamin D, at the Labroots virtual event on May 24, 2012. Making the presentation from my office is very efficient. There were five presentations on vitamin D, each with a different perspective, ranging from cautious to enthusiastic. Mine was in the enthusiastic camp. The topic of what the benefits and possible risks are for higher serum 25-hyddroxyvitamin D concentrations are is still being actively debated in the scientific journal literature and popular press. The viewers seemed to be primarily those involved in measuring or interpreting serum 25-hydoxyvitamin D concentrations. I think they benefitted from learning about the importance of vitamin D, as well as seeing that there are still unanswered questions. I would be happy to participate again next year."

William Grant, PhD, Director at Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center (SUNARC)


"The Labroots virtual CME venue provides the collegial interaction of a traditional CME meeting without the down time and expense of travel. It makes efficient use of time and resources while providing state of the art education. I look forward to future opportunities to participate."

Steven Jones, M.D., FACC, ABCL, Director of Inpatient Cardiology, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Cardiology, Johns Hopkins Medicine


"Labroots provides attendees the opportunity to hear cutting edge topics from experts in their respective fields without having to leave the office. Presentations are archived and can be viewed after the program at the attendee's convenience. This is an excellent opportunity for continuing education and to learn about hot topics."

James H Nichols, Ph.D., DABCC, FACB, Professor of Pathology Tufts University School of Medicine, Medical Director Clinical Chemistry Baystate Health


"Labroots continues to impress with their above average open and click through rates."

Matthew R. Norris, Media Planner & Buyer


"I've developed and delivered a number of real-time and recorded digital presentations, however Labroots is as close as you can get to face-to-face. The presentation software was easy to manage, the organizers provided ample instruction and support, and the format encouraged interaction, especially as the live presentation was supplements with a chat room. Labroots technology represents a significant contribution to the webinar format and is likely to grow in popularity."

George Fritsma, MS, MT (ASCP), Teacher and Lab Practitioner, Fritsma Factor, Precision BioLogic, Professor, Department of Pathology at University of Alabama at Birmingham


"Having exhibited at Labroots virtual events for several years now we are thrilled with the exposure and response we get from it, it is now an invaluable part of the Randox exhibit schedule."

Chris Henry, Marketing Manager


"I presented a recent webcast for Labroots. I was highly impressed with the number of interested people who logged in to join the session and how easy it was for me to participate. The conference organizers were very supportive throughout the event, their connection was seamless, and the Presentation Manager software to deliver my talk was one of the best conferencing tools I have used."

Liron Pantanowitz, MD, Director of the Pathology Informatics Fellowship Program, Director of the FNA Clinic, Assistant Director of Cytology in the Division of Cytology at UPMC-Shadyside, Associate Professor, Pa


"I recently participated in the Labroots virtual event session on vitamin D and health. I found it to be an outstanding forum for discussion and exchange of ideas about important and clinically relevant topics. The staff provided excellent support and helped to minimize the stress and make the experience enjoyable. The audience was very engaged and asked great questions at the end. The online format is such an efficient way to interact with a diverse and international audience without the time demands and hassles of travel. I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to participating again."

JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH, Chief, Division of Preventive Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School


"This is an exciting opportunity to share science from your home office with people all around the world. The platform to use is very intuitive and makes the presentation really easy. The possibility to interact with the audience via Q&A and definitely a plus. And finally, any last minute issue“ if it really occurs“ is resolved easily through the help of a facilitator. I always look forward being a presenter during these innovative events."

Hans Loyda, Ph.D., Director, Clinical Development and Education at Roche Diagnostics


"We were very pleased to participate in the virtual events Labroots this year. Our brand received thousands of impressions and the program provided a high value to our customers and potential customers. We plan on continued participation in the future."

Debra Feinberg, Executive Director, Marketing and Distributor Relations


Testimonials from our virtual event attendees:

"This event was a truly splendid learning experience and has motivated me to pursue my PhD with enthusiasm and vigor. Thank you for taking this initiative!"

"This was my first time attending an online event - it's so convenient. I can watch all of the content on my own time, at my own pace."

"I really like the concept of the show. You can find lots of useful information, learn from experts, and watch presentations again and again."

"I really enjoyed the wide selection of webinars offered and appreciate the on-demand component. It feels like a real onsite meeting!"

"The event was simple, accessible, well designed and organized."

"The presentations cover vast areas of stem cell research. It was such a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments, advancements, and challenges in the field."

"You can connect and attend whatever and whenever you want without moving from your computer."

"What an amazing event! I enjoyed the educational content especially the live training videos. They were very helpful for someone just starting like me."


We exceeded our stated G&Os from overall event attendance and the number of marketing qualified leads generated.

Kevin Sheehy, Director of Global Events


The event we created with Labroots exceeded every expectation, both within our organization and from our attendees. The feedback was focused on the unbelievable level of engagement we were able to create in the virtual world, as well as the ease of use in navigating the site (conference environment). We could not have done this without the support of the unbelievable team at Labroots and fully expect to continue offering virtual events with them as a part of our future event schedule.

Andrew Singer, Vice President, Global Marketing and Operations Sales


As an organization, we're always looking for alternative ways to reach our targeted audience. Labroots provides such an opportunity by bringing together a community of scientists eager for content, and enabling us to showcase our latest products and applications in an easy-to-navigate format.



I love the sponsored content programming that Labroots offers.

Maggie Moriarty, Product Marketing Manager