Cytiva to host virtual open day: Accelerating diagnostic test development

19 May, 2021 | Labroots

Registration is now open for Cytiva's Diagnostics virtual open day on 17 June. This full day event, Accelerating diagnostic test development, will provide informative resources to help you break through barriers to get from idea to commercialization faster, with a better diagnostic test.

Molecular and immunodiagnostic tests using nucleic acid and protein-based assays are now an essential component in the evaluation and early detection of many diseases. Applications include the areas of infectious diseases, oncology, inherited disorders, and prediction of genetic disease risk, with new applications coming to market every day. Diagnostic tests that identify biomarkers and individuals’ genetic characteristics guide healthcare professionals not only to predict and prevent disease, but also to provide effective, biologically targeted, therapeutic interventions, making a positive impact on patient outcomes.

There are many elements to consider when designing a diagnostic assay or kit including the disease area, whether it is to be lab-based or point-of-care, the attributes to look for when seeking component suppliers, and whether customized design services are needed. 

Working with a services provider from the design stage through launch can help minimize trial and error, reducing both costs and development time. You can gain access to scientific and technical expertise, the latest technologies, training services and manufacturing infrastructure without committing to capital investment. Moving from prototype to commercialization time- and cost efficiently means gaining access to and capitalizing on market opportunities that may previously have seemed out of reach.

Whether you need a customized magnetic bead or membrane, access to specialized infrastructure, or the expertise an experienced team can bring, put Cytiva's diagnostics team to work for you. During this virtual open day, you can listen to educational webinars, read, and download content, listen to a panel Q&A, and join live chat sessions with Cytiva product specialists.

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