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What exactly is a hybrid event?

When it comes to hybrid events, the options, features, and customizations are truly endless. It can be difficult to fully define a hybrid event as it can be any combination of physical attendees, booths, presentations, posters, webinars, and more.

You may be asking yourself, what makes hybrid events so special? While there are countless answers to this question, the most obvious one is audience reach. While physical/in-person events allow attendees to fully immerse themselves in the event environment, it greatly limits your audience reach. Whether prospective attendees can’t attend due to being overseas, catching COVID, or financial restraints, incorporating a hybrid component to your event is a fantastic solution that benefits all.

We’ll dive into hybrid event features/capabilities in a bit, but let’s look into two of Labroots successful hybrid events.

ABSA International’s 2nd Biosecurity Hybrid Symposium & Optum Dev Days -

Was going hybrid the right move?

To give you the short and simple answer, YES!

Two very different events, both with the goal of successfully incorporating a virtual component alongside a physical event.

ABSA’s 2nd Biosecurity Hybrid Symposium

Event Overview

ABSA’s hybrid symposium took place on May 3-6, 2022 in Minneapolis, and had the goal of gathering biosecurity professionals with varying expertise to share their experiences and knowledge with one another.

This symposium consisted of multiple presentations, keynotes, posters, networking opportunities and exhibits. With an emphasis on safety surrounding COVID protocol, ABSA allowed attendees to register for either the in-person or virtual component of the event.

Event Lobby

Gone Hybrid

This hybrid event was relatively small, but offered in-person and virtual attendees great value in different ways. With a member of Labroots’ Production Team onsite in Minnesota to ensure the virtual and physical parts of the event acted as a unit, it was pulled off seamlessly.

With a headset giveaway (to ensure unwanted noise wasn’t picked up on people’s microphones), a set schedule for in-person and virtual attendees, all attendees walked away from this hybrid event satisfied.

In-Person Event
Live Webinar in the Virtual Environment

Optum Dev Days

Virtual Event Lobby

Event Overview

Optum’s Dev Days Engineering Excellence event took place in-person on June 28-30, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dev Days 2022 brought together the best of the best technologists to help create solutions for the future of healthcare innovation.

Jam-packed with keynote presentations, interactive sessions, and immersive experiences centered around emerging technology and innovation, this hybrid event was truly a hit!

Gone Hybrid, Seamlessly

With over 4,000 people registered, and 2,000 attendees (75% attendance), these metrics speak for themselves. Having members of Labroots’ Production Team onsite to ensure everything was pulled off on the virtual side of things, all attendees (in-person and virtual) were beyond impressed.

With nine breakout rooms each staffed with camera and sound technicians, this event was overflowing with content, which left little room for any error on the virtual side of things. To ensure virtual attendees gained the same amount of value as in-person attendees, Labroots staff worked in the onsite control room, so any issues were seen instantly, and could be handled immediately.


Third-Party App

To seamlessly merge the in-person event, the use of a third-party app to submit questions virtually was utilized. The app allowed for in-person attendees to register for breakout sessions and workshops, chat and post pictures with other attendees, and more!

To increase in-person engagement, and to help in-person attendees to ‘loosen up,’ the app would tell people to look to their left or right and snap a quick selfie with someone and post that selfie. This simple and quirky app had Optum leadership taking selfies with everyone.

The Rooms Themselves

The virtual portion of this event had actual imagery from the physical, in-person rooms! There are even members of Optum’s team that can be found within the virtual environment.

Live Feed

Everything was live at this event, with absolutely nothing pre-recorded. That being said, the live-stream had to be working perfectly for virtual attendees. As the live feed was happening, there were multiple teams involved to ensure its success. Labroots hosted the live feed seamlessly, giving virtual attendees the ability to expand their view to full screen, pause, and adjust the volume.

There were nine breakout sessions happening simultaneously during the event. Although attendees could only attend one at a time (either in person or virtually), everybody could come back and view all during the one year on-demand period.

An Emphasis on Engagement

Optum wanted all in-person attendees to be truly engaged in the event at all times. That being said, if you attended in-person, you were not granted access to the event virtually until it was officially available on demand. This kept in-person attendees from viewing on their cellphones. With a networking lounge available virtually, the conversation kept going with plenty of opportunity for attendee engagement.

Virtual Networking Lounge

What Made this Hybrid Event so Successful?

In-person or virtual, everyone in attendance was happy to be at this event. There was a reception every night, countless networking opportunities, and a big show of Optum leadership (unofficial meet and greets). While in-person attendees missed the face-to-face interaction of events, many were unable to attend with the current COVID surge. This event had a very large international presence, with the virtual component allowing all to attend regardless of location.

Between having Labroots’ staff onsite, the incorporation of an interactive third party app, and a content-filled live feed, this was an extremely successful hybrid event for everyone involved (attendees included).

How do you know if going hybrid is the best choice?

If reaching a new audience that isn’t limited by location and logistics sounds like something your company could take advantage of, hosting a hybrid event is the best option.

Between having Labroots’ staff onsite, the incorporation of an interactive third party app, and a content-filled live feed, this was an extremely successful hybrid event for everyone involved (attendees included).

How can Labroots help YOU go hybrid?

Labroots has been offering hybrid events since 2008. That’s right, this is something we have always done, providing streaming support for on-site presentations, and creating custom virtual events with unique features that are easily duplicated in a physical format. The team at Labroots is equipped to offer suggestions including app integration, AV contacts and more, to ensure your hybrid event is a hit.

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