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Brightfield, Fluorescence & FISH Digital Pathology Scanner.

The Aperio VERSA is a comprehensive digital pathology scanner, designed and developed to support the diverse imaging needs of cutting-edge research facilities. The combination scanner is optimized for precision scanning of brightfield and fluorescent samples, with the accuracy and resolution required for FISH.

From tissue-based and proteomic markers to subcellular, molecular, and in-situ hybridization probes, the Aperio VERSA delivers high-resolution, reliable imaging. Users can create a permanent record of their research – even faint fluorescent samples, which are often subject to fading.

The Aperio VERSA is ideal for scanning multiplex slides at any magnification from 5x to 63x for the whole slide without the need for spectral imaging.

FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.


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