05 Apr, 2024 | by Rebecca Anaya

Tips for Successful Social Campaigns with Labroots

When it comes to launching a successful social post with Labroots, it all comes down to the content. Whether your goal is to generate leads, increase brand awareness, or gain new exposure from a targeted audience, content is everything. We’re here to provide you with what makes the difference in having a successful social post.  Consider this your guide to deploying a successful social post...... Read More

03 Apr, 2024 | by Laurence Tognetti, MSc

Celebrating the Labroots 2024 Travel Scholarship Winner: Jair Torres

Academic conferences are fantastic ways to meet great people and build your networking portfolio. The cost of travel can be cumbersome to many students, so Labroots is proud to offer the Labroots Travel Scholarship to offset some of the expenses associated with attending a conference or travelling to carry out research. This year’s recipient is Jair Torres, a Master’s Student in Biology at California...... Read More

11 Jan, 2024 | by Sarah Hoffman

Labroots 2023 In Review

In 2023, Labroots continued its remarkable journey in scientific networking and virtual events, building upon the incredible milestones of the previous year. As we celebrated our 15th anniversary, the enduring spirit that has driven us since our inception in 2008 remained as vibrant as ever. Labroots stands firmly at the forefront of scientific social networking and virtual events, a testament...... Read More

10 Jan, 2024 | by Rebecca Anaya

Best Practices Guide: Third-Party Emails with Labroots

From advanced audience targeting techniques and content strategy, to technical considerations and scheduling nuances, we cover every aspect crucial for successful email marketing with Labroots. This guide is tailored to harness the full potential of Labroots' third-party email capabilities, ensuring your messages not only reach the right audience but also resonate and inspire action.   Audience...... Read More

13 Dec, 2023 | by Sarah Hoffman

Qualifying for Continuing Education Credits - A Guide by Labroots

Labroots is a proud provider of P.A.C.E.® C.E. credits accredited through the A.S.C.L.S. Additionally, we offer Florida C.E. credits through the State of Florida C.E. Broker.   Before submitting your materials to our team to build your microsite and begin the marketing process, please use this checklist made by the Labroots team, then read through two of the A.S.C.L.S. content requirements to...... Read More

20 Sep, 2023 | by Sarah Hoffman

Labroots' 2023 Fall Scholarship Winners: Spotlight on Two Exceptional Scholars

Each Fall, Labroots sponsors two scholarships aimed at undergraduate and graduate students across STEM. These scholarships are more than just financial support; they are a celebration of academic excellence, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of knowledge. In this blog post, highlight the remarkable journeys of both Labroots Fall Scholarship winners for 2023. These extraordinary individuals...... Read More

23 Aug, 2023 | by Labroots

Labroots and Chati Partner to Revolutionize Virtual Events and Scientific Networking

The Labroots team is thrilled to announce a trailblazing partnership that will redefine the virtual event landscape and enhance scientific collaboration like never before. Chati, the premier destination for impactful virtual events, is teaming up with Labroots to help take our webinars and virtual events to the next level. This exciting collaboration promises to bring new online, interactive experiences,...... Read More

26 Jun, 2023 | by Sarah Hoffman

Celebrating the Labroots 2023 Summer Research Scholarship Winner: Anvi Surapaneni

Labroots is delighted to announce Anvi Surapaneni as the recipient of the Labroots 2023 Summer Research Scholarship. Anvi, a third-year Biochemistry major at the University of Southern California, is a dedicated and passionate student with a strong commitment to bridging chemistry and medicine. “I'm so thankful to have received the Labroots scholarship. It truly has allowed me to continue...... Read More

28 Apr, 2023 | by Labroots

15 Years of Science and Innovation: Celebrating Labroots Anniversary

Founded in 2008, Labroots has grown to become the foremost scientific social networking website and a top producer of virtual events in the scientific community. As the company celebrates its milestone 15th anniversary this year, it is a testament to the dedication and vision of its founders, Greg and Don Cruikshank, who sought to create a platform that fosters collaboration, communication, and innovation...... Read More

21 Dec, 2022 | by Labroots

Labroots: 2022 In Review

Labroots has been a leader in the virtual event world for over a decade and continues to grow and advance to meet the evolving needs of the scientific virtual space. 2022 was a big year for growth and development for both the Labroots platform and team. Our fully customizable approach to Custom Virtual Events, Webinars, Hybrid Events, and an assortment of digital products puts the client first and...... Read More

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