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About Labroots Custom Virtual Events

Labroots already brings the scientific world together online. The next step? Producing a Custom Virtual Event on our platform to create a tailored experience that your registrants will not forget.

Agilent was hoping to display their Mass Spec Systems as part of their marketing and brand awareness efforts. They wanted to display multiple products in the same booth to provide a walk-through experience to registrants. Challenge accepted.

Client Goals

Our team at Labroots decided the best way to approach this was to create a rotating banner/slider. This allowed event registrants to click on the singular booth in the Exhibit Hall, and view multiple product tables, as though they were walking alongside them in person. With the click of a button, or the automatic timed slider, a new product visual appears, with all of the coinciding information a registrant would need to know. Our design team even adjusted the size of the table in which the product sits to ensure realistic imagery.

This Event's Metrics Speak for Themselves

  • 713

    Total Registration

  • 329

    Total (unique) Attendance

  • 2,376

    Total Content Views

  • 682

    Total Video Views

  • 162

    Total Downloads

  • 1,469

    Total Webinar Views

  • 370

    Total Booth Entries

Software Center
Poster Hall
Software Center
Poster Hall

A Customized Prize, with Customized Signage

Not only did prize winners who completed Agilent’s survey receive a special prize (a vacuum sealed wine mug), they were encouraged throughout the event to complete it with custom signage.

Agilent Before
right arrow
Agilent After

If you take a close look at the two lobby images, custom signage switches to encourage registrants to participate in Agilent’s survey, and receive a wine mug (to the left of the help desk).

17 Presentations Scheduled, Recorded, and Produced

Over the span of two days, Labroots ensured 17 presentations were scheduled, recorded, and produced in the most efficient way. Some presentations had multiple speakers, but all were scheduled and coordinated within a two-week compressed schedule.

A Personalized Approach From Our Clients

Do you want direct involvement within your event as it’s happening? Agilent assigned actual company staff to various rooms throughout the virtual event. This allowed staff members to chime in during registrant chats, and help guests. This provided registrants the feel of a real life environment. We trained Agilent’s staff on how to engage in chats in the Lobby, by viewing who was in the room and clicking on their chat bubbles. We also set up public chats in the Auditorium and Software Center, to allow Agilent staff the opportunity to connect directly with guests in every room of the event.

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