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About Labroots Custom Virtual Events

Labroots already brings the scientific world together online. The next step? Producing a Custom Virtual Event on our platform to create a tailored experience that your registrants will not forget.

Labroots Personalized Approach

Our client, Nexcelom, wanted this event to feel as though you were in a physical event space, but not just any space. Nexcelom wanted attendees to feel as though they were in Boston, Massachusetts. After collaborating internally, we knew Labroots could make this a reality.

Some noteworthy metrics from Nexcelom's Event:

  • 4,160

    Total Content Views

  • 1,336

    Total Video Views

  • 1,076

    Total Downloads

  • 1,356

    Total Webinar Views

  • 1,451

    Total Booth Visits

Networking Lounge
Networking Lounge

The Virtual Landscape

As attendees navigate through Nexcelom’s event, all windows to the outside show various parts of Boston. This attention detail really allowed Nexcelom’s event to stand out.


Upon entering the event, the first room attendees see is the Lobby. The Lobby offers views of Fenway Park on the left side, complete with Red Sox flags. On the right side, attendees are provided with a view of the historic Faneuil Hall, with tourists walking around.

Nexcelom Poster Hall

Poster Hall

Continuing with a strong attention to detail, the small windows in the rear of the Poster Hall display Boston’s Seaport, with a distant view of Fan Pier Marina.

Exhibit Hall & Networking Lounge

The windows in the rear of the Exhibit Hall & surrounding the Networking Lounge also display images of Fan Pier Marina. Known as Boston Harbor’s Crown Jewel, Labroots made sure to add this imagery.

The results?

Nexcelom’s event really was proof that attention to detail, even as specific as locational imagery, makes a huge difference in registrants’ overall experience.

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