Labroots Case Study
BODE 2020


About Labroots Custom Virtual Events

Labroots already brings the scientific world together online. The next step? Producing a Custom Virtual Event on our platform to create a tailored experience that your registrants will not forget.

Client Goals

Our client, Bode Technology, was set to hold their Annual Forensic DNA Conference in-person in the city of Tampa Bay, FL prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Serving as continuing education for the forensic community, Bode values the importance of networking. Having never held the conference virtually, they wanted to ensure it offered the same (if not better) experience to its invited attendees. They decided to work with Labroots because they believed value would be created for the event’s attendees, sponsors/exhibitors, and themselves.


The event we created with Labroots exceeded every expectation, both within our organization and from our attendees. The feedback was focused on the unbelievable level of engagement we were able to create in the virtual world, as well as the ease of use in navigating the site (conference environment). We could not have done this without the support of the unbelievable team at Labroots and fully expect to continue offering virtual events with them as a part of our future event schedule.

Andrew Singer

Vice President, Global Marketing and Operations Sales

Bode Technology

Labroots Personalized Approach

When presented with the challenge of creating a virtual environment for an event that was originally meant to be held in-person, we collaborated internally to ensure we exceeded our client’s expectations. We came up with the following:

  • 1

    “Continue the Conversation” Networking Lounge - it was very important to Bode to encourage engagement amongst attendees around the scheduled presentations. They wanted to get people talking.

  • 2

    An attention to detail of the original event’s location (cityscape of Tampa, FL), and the use of Bode avatars to create similarities between the in-person experience they were used to.

  • 3

    Sponsorship incentives that created value.

  • 4

    Client-Controlled Registration with seamless integration.

City Views and a Personal Experience

To create an event environment that resembled an in-person conference, our team placed a cityscape of Tampa, FL throughout the event. Bode’s staff was present throughout the environment to encourage personal interactions in every room.

“Continue the Conversation” Networking Lounge

In between speaker sessions, Bode would typically encourage attendees to network with one another. This is something that typically would be difficult to do in a virtual environment. Labroots created a lounge for attendees to visit in between sessions. Networking was at an all-time high around the scheduled presentations. It allowed all participants the ability to interact with each other and the presenters.

Event Sponsor

Creating value for sponsors is often critical to conference organizers. It is important for them to see value, so they will come back the following year. In a virtual environment, it can be difficult to create this value for sponsors. Promotional activities including presentations, lobby banners, push notifications, and booths were given based on their level of sponsorship. All parties were satisfied.

Bode Lab

Client-Controlled Registration and a Bode-Staffed Lab

Bode had an existing registration site per their own specifications prior to the creation of the virtual event. Labroots linked and integrated this preexisting site seamlessly, ensuring all participants had a smooth experience entering the event. Labroots also created a Virtual Lab that Bode was able to staff with their own scientists to answer questions and showcase technologies.


An event that was originally meant to occur in-person, seamlessly pulled off in the virtual space, and a very happy client.

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