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About Labroots Custom Virtual Events

Labroots already brings the scientific world together online. The next step? Producing a Custom Virtual Event on our platform to create a tailored experience that your registrants will not forget.


We exceeded our stated G&Os from overall event attendance and the number of marketing qualified leads generated.

Kevin Sheehy

Director of Global Events


Labroots Personalized Approach

Our client, NanoString, came to us with a broad range of goals to achieve with their virtual event. When presented with this, we collaborated internally to ensure everything was covered, and that our client’s expectations were exceeded. Here’s what we came up with:

  • 1

    Plenary Session

  • 2

    Pre-Recorded Keynote

  • 3

    Session Tracks

  • 4

    Poster Hall alongside presentations - translated into Chinese & Japanese

  • 5

    Unique lab - API Connection

  • 6

    Unique Navigation Video

  • 7

    Live Demo’GEOMX experience

Welcome/Navigaion Video

Upon event entry, registrants are prompted to view a welcome video with NanoString’s VP of Marketing. Being virtual, we emphasized the importance of registrants seeing the faces of NanoString. The video provides a brief overview of what the event has to offer, while increasing attendee rapport.

Plenary Session

NanoString wanted to gather everyone in one place. We created a plenary session to help them do this. Our on demand capability allows for registrants to launch various presentations after the event has finished, allowing for access no matter the date/time.

Customized Poster Gallery

More engaging than ever, the poster gallery provides registrants a presentation alongside the selected poster by its creator (voice over & slideshow). Posters were translated into Chinese and Japanese based on NanoString’s anticipated attendees, to ensure everyone experienced the same thing. A chat button was also added to allow registrants to message directly with the poster creator.

NanoString Virtual Lab

GeoMx Interactive Experience

This digital spatial profiler embedded into the event’s virtual lab allows for registrants to build a GeoMx profile based on an interactive/visual questionnaire. Once completed, a customized workflow, results, and case study are provided.

Unique Lab/API Connection

NanoString wanted an extremely engaging event, and we gave it to them. With an API that allows the passthrough of attendee information while interacting in the lab straight into NanoString’s system.

Pre Recorded Presentations

Having pre recorded presentations allowed us to provide NanoString and their worldwide audience multiple placements of the webinars into the virtual venue, to provide live content for multiple regions - a must for NanoString.


5,106 registrants,

a very happy client, and an event with personalized features that you cannot get anywhere else.

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