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Genomic Vision

Summer Webinar Series 2021
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About Labroots Webinars

Not ready to dive into hosting a complete custom virtual event? Labroots webinars are an alternative route for those who want to dip their toes in the virtual space. Hosting webinars for 10+ years has allowed Labroots to narrow down what makes a webinar successful.

Genomic Vision’s 4-Part Webinar Series

Rather than hosting a custom virtual event, Genomic Vision decided to have 4 standalone webinars for their Summer Webinar Series. Each individual webinar linked to the other 3 seamlessly. Although less complex than a multi-day event, flexibility and customizations are still available as you see fit.

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Concierge Service from Start to Finish

Upon purchasing a single webinar or webinar package, Labroots will assign a production manager to you and. There for you every step of the way, they will help you gather the necessary content, schedule webinar recordings, and coordinate promotions with the marketing team here at Labroots. Webinars with Labroots are full-service, stress-free, and provide an exceptional user experience to viewers.

What do you mean by “full-service?”

Aside from your assigned production manager that guides you throughout the process, Labroots webinars leave no room for you to question what else needs to be done. A member of Labroots will even coordinate a test/training.Pre-recordings will be done at least one week prior to the webinar’s live broadcast.

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The Marketing Package

Banner ads, email blasts, and social media posts are all included in your webinar marketing package. With detailed audience selection methods, and access to Labroots’ category-specific social network, registration numbers speak for themselves.

Upon request, the marketing team will create written copy for all promotions, and social imagery that will encourage individuals to register.

For a thorough listing of what is included in the marketing package, please visit our Webinars page.

What else is included?

  • Branded registration page
  • Live polling & metrics
  • 12 months on-demand
  • MP4 copy of the webinar
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Continuing education credits (if applicable)
  • Speaker selection assistance
  • Webinar moderation
  • Live Q&A
  • Marketing package
  • …and more!
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What are you waiting for?

In a world gone digital, hosting a webinar with Labroots is the perfect way to enter the virtual space. Offering turn-key solutions from production to marketing, let’s get started together.

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