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HIDS Virtual 2021

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A Labroots Experience Unlike Any Other

Thermo Fisher Scientific approached Labroots in hopes of creating a virtual experience unlike any other for their Human Identification Solutions (HIDS) 2021 Conference. With twenty-one hours of content that streamed live from all over the world, it incorporated hybrid event components. The HIDS Conference truly celebrates heroes in criminal justice, allowing interaction and collaboration with individuals in the community worldwide.

Thermo Fisher wanted attendees to move between three channels (Unite, Forensic Lab, Law Enforcement) easily. With the DJ set and presentations being static, attendees could maximize to fit their screen, optimizing viewing.

With the theme, “Unite-together, we find the truth,” and the vision of an extremely engaging, approachable look, HIDS 2021 came together seamlessly. You’ll soon see why this generated the most leads of any Thermo Fisher event to date.

The event metrics speak for themselves when it comes to attendee engagement:

  • 4,883

  • Registration
  • 34,047

  • Webinar Views
    (over a 68% increase from HIDS 2020)
  • 7,711

  • Breakout Session Views
  • 3,724

  • Demo Views

What made HIDS 2021 so unique?

A Brand New Agenda Experience

Thermo Fisher wanted each individual attendee to be able to tailor the two-day event based on their interests. This allowed attendees to have their own unique experiences, focused on what they want to see.

We owe this capability to the event’s custom-built agenda. Unlike any agenda Labroots has created before, the HIDS 2021 agenda allowed attendees to select their time zone, and filter through topics of interest. After the sessions were bookmarked, they could easily download a customized program, mapping out how they’ll be spending the two days. Completely tailored to each attendee, this new agenda capability is now available for use in custom virtual events going forward.

Virtual Environment Turned Webpage

This event in particular had a strong emphasis on having a clean, understandable design. Thermo Fisher wanted the entire event to look like a webpage, with no virtual rooms. Unlike anything Labroots has ever done, attendees were able to navigate throughout the event as though they were on a webpage, rather than a virtual environment. This is a feature that we are excited to offer future clients interested in a sleek, webpage look for their event.

Continuity from Microsite to HIDS Venue

Can you tell which of the images below is the event’s microsite, and which is the event’s venue? Tricky, isn’t it?

Consistency was key for this event. Thermo Fisher wanted a seamless transition from the event’s microsite (where registration occurs) to the event’s actual interactive venue. They did not want attendees to know that they were moving from the microsite to the event space.

Extreme attention to detail was necessary to accomplish this, including adding a custom-made navigation bar that was present throughout the transition from microsite to venue. The agenda, FAQs, and Help Desk followed as the user clicked from the event’s microsite into the event environment. This seamless transition gave no indication to attendees that they were entering a virtual environment. Sneaky, huh?

A New Way to Generate Leads

This image was the demo room. If an attendee clicked on any of the buttons, attendees were able to learn about three of Thermo Fisher’s products. This area of the event offered Zoom calls by region. The most leads ever generated from a Thermo Fisher event, these product demos were not offered on demand to protect product privacy from competitors. This section of the event offered closed captioning in 19 languages.

Real-Time Language Translation

As a global conference, HIDS 2021 was packed with sessions in various languages. Thermo Fisher did not want this to be a potential deterrent for attendees to check them out, so we incorporated a real-time translation functionality. It provided subtitles in attendees’ local languages (19 in total), but it didn’t stop there. It also verbally translated the session so they could listen to them out loud. Offered during breakout sessions and product demonstrations, it totaled eighty-six hours of live translation.

A Seamless Incorporation of Spatial.Chat

After selecting your geographic region, attendees were able to enter the multiple breakout sessions. Spatial.Chat is a component that we have been able to integrate, providing virtual networking like you’ve never seen before. Used as a virtual lounge and networking tool, this functionality is able to be embedded into events. Thermo Fisher decided not to embed Spatial.Chat, so users could toggle between this tab, and the event tab. It allowed attendees to interact with others, while still enjoying the event.

Spatial.Chat was used regionally, and allowed attendees to join others on camera, and talk about a wide range of topics with custom backgrounds. There were twenty rooms in total, and a handful of them were locked (attendees needed a passcode). The open rooms had music playing, happy hour (teaching attendees how to make a margarita), product learning, and more! Much like speed networking, this was a fun way to connect over four thousand attendees in a clean, understandable way.

Live Illustrations

A unique component to this event, Thermo Fisher provided printable illustrations that would pop up and draw out what was being discussed during the 21 hours of streamed presentations. An attention-grabber that added an interesting element to the presentations.

An Emphasis on Engagement, and Fun!

Thermo Fisher wanted to add a quirky video to their event to allow attendees to learn about the HIDS experience in a fun, engaging way! It was a creative way to welcome attendees, help them navigate, and give them a taste of what to expect throughout the event.

Photo Booth

To add another layer of excitement and engagement to this event, we incorporated a photobooth. Yes, you heard that right! Attendees were able to snap a quick selfie with a custom HIDS background. The photobooth snapshots were a hit with attendees!

Engaging Event Survey with a Strong Incentive

Attendees were prompted to take an in-event survey, so Thermo Fisher could gain some insight into what people were thinking! Labroots created custom code that allowed those who took the survey to receive a custom certification. It was quite the incentive, and it worked!

Partners Page

An area of the event meant to highlight the partners involved in making HIDS 2021 happen. Each partner had an information card. When clicked on, the company’s website and “About” information would pop up.

The 7th annual Human Identification Solutions Conference not only provided attendees with necessary information regarding the latest technology innovations in the field of criminal justice, it provided an incomparable experience. From the moment attendees entered the virtual environment, they were engaging with others in the field, and embracing the unique opportunities presented to them throughout the event. Check out what our client had to say:

Labroots made our vision come to life, with their willingness to do whatever was necessary to create a customized platform for our event. The entire Labroots team was there to support us 100% (literally 24/7) – we could not have asked for a better partner. You will not find a better solution driven partner out there – use Labroots!

After using multiple other platforms, vendors, “virtual experts” in 2020 and 2021, I can’t believe the difference in your service level. You and the team were truly partners throughout the entire journey. I love your attitude “bring on HIDS 2022 Hybrid Event.” THANK YOU for everything. There is no way we would have been as successful as we were without Labroots!!

Kelly Varesio, CMP

Manager, Meetings & Events, Group Marketing

Thermo Fisher Life Sciences

Generating the most leads of any Thermo Fisher event, it was a hit for both attendees, and our client. Whatever experience your company would like to provide, Labroots can help you create.

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