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EMnetik System: PCR Cleanup and Plasmid Prep | Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Speed up your PCR Cleanup and Plasmid Prep.

Molecular biology workflows require multiple cleanup steps that take up a lot of your time. And quite often, the results are insufficient. But it doesn't have to be this way. The EMnetik System allows you to process up to 24 samples from multiple steps in your workflow in a semi-automated system, reducing hands-on time by 20 minutes for PCR cleanup and 4 minutes for plasmid prep, all while ensuring yield and purity that allows you to continue efficiently through your workflow.

  • 2x faster turnaround time for PCR cleanup
  • Significantly fewer touchpoints for PCR cleanup
  • No pipette mixing, along with highly responsive magnetic beads
  • Expedited and improved bead mixing and separation, accomplishing both almost instantaneously 
  • Guided user interface tells you exactly what to do
  • Easily fits anywhere on your bench

These products are not intended or validated for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions.

Supporting Documents

Product Brochure

EMnetik System Brochure

Technical Specifications

EMnetik System Technical Specs


EMnetik System Datasheet


EMnetik PCR Cleanup System


The EMnetik System Enables Fast and Efficient DNA Purifications for Molecular Cloning Workflows


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