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rat monoclonal IgG2b; c-Fms/CSF-1R Antibody (3-4A4) is an IgG2b rat monoclonal c-Fms/CSF-1R antibody (also designated c-Fms/CSF-1R antibody or antibody) that detects c-Fms gp130 and gp150 of mouse, rat and human origin. c-Fms/CSF-1R Antibody (3-4A4) is available as the non-conjugated anti-c-Fms/CSF-1R antibody form, as well as multiple conjugated forms of anti-c-Fms/CSF-1R antibody, including agarose, HRP, PE, FITC and multiple Alexa Fluor® conjugates. c-Fms/CSF-1R, also designated macrophage colony-stimulating factor receptor (M-CSFR), FIM2 or CD115, is a transmembrane tyrosine kinase receptor belonging to the CSF1/PDGF receptor family. It is encoded by the c-Fms proto-oncogene and is expressed in mononuclear phagocytes, oocytes, decidual cells, trophoblastic cells and some myoblasts. It is important for growth and differentiation of myeloid cells and its function can be regulated by SLAP-2. c-Fms/CSF-1R is responsible for mediating all of the functions of M-CSF. M-CSF is a glycoprotein required for the proliferation and differentiation of mononuclear phagocytes, including osteoclasts. M-CSF has also been identified as an important mediator of the inflammatory response and can regulate the release of proinflammatory cytokines from macrophages.


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