2023 Media Kit

Labroots 2023 Media Kit

Feeling ready to join the virtual revolution? Labroots has a solution for you.

For 15 years, Labroots has been fine-tuning what it looks like to host and produce virtual & hybrid events. Along the way, we have developed a variety of advertising opportunities for companies in the life sciences industries. Explore all Labroots advertising opportunities - from custom events & webinars to third-party emails & sponsored social media posts - uniquely targeted to Labroots 4.5+ million registered members.


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Facts & Figures


4.5 Million

Average Website Sessions

2 Minutes

Average Webinar Sessions

28 Minutes

Average Virtual Event Sessions

5.26 Hours

Monthly User Sessions


Annual Page Views

14.4 Million

Social Media Followers

2.4 Million+

Opted-In Newsletter Subscribers

1.06 Million+

User Location

North America: 51%

Asia: 19%

Europe: 18%

South/Central America: 6%

Oceania: 3%

Africa: 3%

User Institution Type

Academia (University/College): 35%

Hospital/Medical Center: 24%

(Biotech/Pharma/Life Science Company): 21%

Private (CRO, CMO, Research Institute): 10%

Government: 8%

Other: 2%


Content Categories Trending Articles / Webinars / Virtual Events

Health & Medicine 9,278 / 4,280 / 325

Cell & Molecular Biology: 4,066 / 772 / 89

Technology: 3,468 / 328 / 60

Genetics & Genomics: 2,940 / 526 / 71

Microbiology 2,937 / 499 / 71

Neuroscience: 3,094 / 347 / 40


Plants & Animals: 3,217 / 126 / 16

Earth & The Environment: 3,162 / 62 / 13

Cancer: 2,413 / 539 / 79

Clinical & Molecular DX: 2,284 / 578 / 103

Immunology: 2,138 / 511 / 80

Chemistry & Physics: 2,461 / 134 / 34

Drug Discovery & Development: 1,854 / 431 / 73

Space & Astronomy: 2,226 / 10 / 0

Cardiology: 1,524 / 114 / 28

Cannabis Sciences: 937 / 164 / 22

Coronavirus: 550 / 162 / 2

With a variety of custom virtual event options, Labroots caters to whatever your event needs. Hosting a conference with 15+ speakers over multiple days, we can help. Hosting a private company meeting, let us help. Explore Labroots custom virtual event solutions.

What is a hybrid event? How can you be a pioneer in the hybrid event space? Labroots is here to make it happen. Bring a global audience to your local event with integrated hybrid event features. Let us help you go hybrid.

The virtual event space is still new to many, so Labroots has developed opportunities for companies to get their feet wet at Labroots produced virtual events. From virtual labs to sponsored keynote webinars, get your research and products in front of a highly targeted audience.

Unparalleled Quality.

Expert Assistance.

Unique Platform.

Webinars and webinar packs with Labroots are a great solution to ongoing campaigns and promotions for your company. This long-form media opportunity is a unique way to reach your ideal audience, generating quality leads with real-time analytics and attendee data.

Not sure where to start a digital advertising campaign? We’re here to help. Use Labroots expansive user, email, and social media audiences to get your product in front of the right people. Our audience selection form helps to narrow down your target audience, generating quality leads for each campaign.

Going virtual can be overwhelming, that’s why we have compiled case studies to help showcase what success could look like for your company. Navigate to the Labroots case studies page to explore how we have helped many companies exceed their event expectations, from generating leads to accommodating tens of thousands of people.

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See what Maggie Moriarty, Product Marketing Manager at bioMérieux, has to say about her experience with Labroots.

A Letter from the Labroots Team

The Labroots mission is all about connectivity. To help create a virtual world where science is open and accessible to everyone, everywhere. As a hub for scientists, researchers, academics, clinicians, doctors and others from across the global STEM community we can bring people together, forge new connections, and disseminate important information.

The past two years have shown just how important it is to adapt and excel in the face of change. Virtual and hybrid events are now the norm and Labroots is ready to lead the charge. Founded in 2008, we have proven ourselves a tried-and-true institution in the virtual sphere. Because of this experience, Labroots is ideally placed to help scientific industries thrive in this new landscape and aid scientific and medical companies shift their marketing efforts to a space that may be unfamiliar to them. Our custom virtual events, webinars, and leading-edge digital product offerings can help turn this time of economic uncertainty into one of growth and success for our customers.

2022 was a fantastic year for Labroots, with a flourishing team, new products, and a fresh perspective. Now, in 2023 Labroots is setting the stage for more opportunities, experiences, and connections. Join us as we take the exciting next step into a future full of possibilities where your ideas will continue to shape the world into a better one.

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