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I have been working exclusively with zebrafish for the past 13 years and am currently the Head the UCL Zebrafish Facility. I began work as a junior animal technician 20 years ago at the NIMR (National Institute of Medical Research), working solely with mice and rats and latterly with transgenic animals, both in a laboratory setting and also as a care provider. In the years I have been working with zebrafish, I have seen a huge rise in their popularity as a biomedical model, but a much slower growth in the understanding of their husbandry requirements. I dedicate much of my time to working with various stakeholders, including animal technicians, scientists, veterinarians and legislators to try and raise awareness of zebrafish as a bioscientific model and to improve husbandry. I am a founder member of BAZH (British Association of Zebrafish Husbandry), hold a BSc in molecular genetics, MIAT, BTEC Higher in Animal science and am currently studying for a doctorate in professional studies.

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