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I am very curious about how things work and I love making a difference. In essence, learning and problem-solving, on an intellectual and practical level.

As a project manager at Targos Molecular Pathology I can apply what I have learned throughout my career to support clinical trials for cancer therapy.

I have several longstanding passions:
I have done basic and translational research with state-of-the-art technologies to understand:
1) How cancer arises; 2) How it can be treated with chemotherapeutics and novel targeted agents; 3) Why cancer responds to treatment or shows resistance.

I love to write and edit texts and produce graphics. In addition to Biology I have studied Journalism and Communications sciences and have authored numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, university and school magazines and many other types of documents (such as patents, grant proposals, committee reports).
As member of EMWA (European Medical Writers Association) I attended several of their conferences. The collegial spirit and workshops are amazing.

VOLUNTEERING and politics:
I enjoy working together with other driven individuals to come up with solutions, which will satisfy everyone and increase the competiveness of that institution.
As a postdoc representative I:
developed, conducted, analyzed, and wrote a survey about the situation of PhD students and postdocs at the NKI-AvL (such as career development, research facilities, safety) with a group of fellow postdocs;
founded a postdoc committee for follow-up of action points from survey with management, initiated and established a career program for post docs.
As a student representative I:
conducted the first evaluation of the Biology department (the largest in Germany);
reformed the Biology curriculum (identified USPs, lobbied in committee);
counselled Biology students.

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