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Bachelors in Vertebrate Zoology, Doctorates in Medicine and Philosophy (Cell and Molecular Biology), Post-doctoral Research Fellowship in Neuro-oncology. General Surgery Internship, Neurosurgical Residency, Neurosurgical Fellowship in Spine / Spinal Biomechanics. My research Assistant Professor Appointment, group leader in my own labs where I published and presented science prolifically, received millions in research grants including a NCI NIH RO1 for Brain Cancer Experimental therapeutics, trained more than 15 scientists. Program Director for the Molecular Neurosurgery Research Program. I am a prolific science writer, and have served as the senior science editor in all my roles in Academics, Neurosurgery, Biotechnology, and Scientific Research. I have written over 300 scientific manuscripts, abstracts, patents, disclosures, business models, scientific updates, biotechnology and scientific program documents, fundraising models, book chapters, grants, and manuscript / grant reviews. I have presented over 50 scientific presentations in the US and internationally. Neuroscientist, Stem Cell Biologist, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Mentoring the Next Generation of Scientists, Building Research Groups, Cancer Stem Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Biomechanics, Biomedical Engineering, Academics, Decision Theory, Biomathematics, Matrix Biology, Silk Biochemistry, Applied Bioscience, Basic, Translational, Clinical Scientist, FDA Interfacing, Academic Lecturing, Medicolegal, Innovative Modeling, Public / Private Granting, Research Program Building, Basic and Complex Statistics, Spinal Instrumentation, Probability Theory, Decision Field Theory, Morphologic Analysis / Problem Solving, Neurology, Cognitive Science, Neuromodulation, Migraine, Biopsychosocial Modeling, Animal Modeling, Genetic Engineering, Biomarking Cells, Molecular Models of Disease, S - Duality, Vertex Model, Scaling Limit, Lattice Field Theory, Corner Transfer Matrix

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