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Celebrate a Cancer Survivor Today!

WRITTEN BY: Katie Kokolus

Today, June 5, 2022, marks the 35th annual “National Cancer Survivors Day®”.  Since 1988, the nonprofit National Cancer Survivors Day® (NCSD) Foundation has honored all those with cancer.  Celebrated on the first Sunday of June, NCSD delivers an important message- that life after a cancer diagnosis can be gratifying and fulfilling.  The NCSD website promotes today as a “CELEBRATION for those who have survived, an INSPIRATION for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of SUPPORT for families, and an OUTREACH to the community.”

The NCSD Foundation is a nonprofit which provides hospitals and organizations with guidance on hosing NSCD events.  In addition, they provide educational resources and networking opportunities for these organizations and cancer patients.  The NCSD defines a cancer survivor as anyone living with a history of cancer, beginning with diagnosis and through the rest of the survivor’s life.  They include those recently diagnosed, those in long-term remission, and those declared cancer-free. 

NCSD is lauded as a Celebration of Life in which cancer survivors, caregivers, supporters, and healthcare professionals in communities around the world take part.  In addition to honoring cancer survivors, NCSD aims to bring attention to the challenges these individuals face.  Indeed, cancer survivors experience physical and emotional difficulties, inevitably too complex for friends and family to grasp. 

An estimated 17 million cancer survivors live in the US, and with the advances in cancer prevention, screening, and treatment, the number will grow.  Dr. Douglas Lowy, Acting Director of the National Cancer Institute, released a statement calling NCSD “a day of joy, hope, and celebration for everyone touched by cancer.”   He continues, “Today, as the world emerges from the pandemic, we look forward to returning our full focus on advancing cancer research.”  In this vein, NCSD celebrates that cancer survivors live longer, more productive lives than ever before.

Source: National Cancer Institute

Today, I’d like to personally acknowledge all of our readers who are cancer survivors.  I hope you can look past the challenges of your disease and celebrate life to the fullest. 



Source: NCSD, NCI Visuals Online

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